Monday, 4 May 2015

The ABC lies about domestic violence, yet again.

On the ABC, they said there'd been a surge of killings in domestic violence cases. (No hard figures, of course, and from what i have seen, they mostly occur in aboriginal communities with a strong problem of alcohol, petrol sniffing, etc).

Anyway, the ABC response was not to find out how many men had died, or where the trouble spots lay, but to interview the Minister for Feminism ... I mean women... who coincidentally only ever represents feminists, and not the great bulk of non-feminist women.

Her explanation was that a survey found that society holds people who drink partly responsible for the bad things that happen to them. She thought that was terrible. When it applies to women, of course, those men deserve what they get.

Well, yes, if you drink and wander into a darkened alley, and you get mugged, the mugger should be punished - but you are also responsible for taking precautions to ensure your safety, as a man or a woman.

I have to wonder why #Feminism seems to hold women in such contempt, that they cannot be treated like adults and held responsible for their decisions. I also have to wonder what would happen if the feminist lobby was ignored and a Minister for Men was appointed as well.

Riots in the street, I expect.

Notice there's no reports of male deaths? We are nothing to feminists. Our lives are worthless.

Remember that women who killed her seven kids and her niece? Yah, they don't count that as domestic violence. It's inconvenient.

" it is estimated two-thirds were killed by a partner, ex-partner or family member. "

Why estimated? 34 deaths, and they don't know the relationship between them and their killers? Could it be they are just making stuff up because it sounds good?

"Last year, according to the website Destroy the Joint, 81 women were killed - again many at the hands of a current or former partner."

So they aren't quoting a reference from the government - they are quoting a fanatical feminist group which claims it wants to smash the current political system. Hmm. Yes, that wouldn't be biased at all.

"Helen Brereton from the Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service in NSW said domestic violence was reaching epidemic levels. So far this year 34 women have been killed in Australia

I don't think she knows what the word "epidemic" means.

"We know that domestic violence is the leading cause of death and injury and illness for women in Australia," she said.

2.3 LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH(a), Females, 2012(b)(c)
Cause of death and ICD-10 code    
Females Ischaemic heart diseases (I20-I25):  9 139

So heart disease caused 9000, and murder caused 34... it's halfway through the year so let's assume that's 68 by the end of the year. Does that strike you as a major cause of mortality?

She's a LIAR. And no-one from the ABC or the rest of the media seems to have the integrity or the courage to point it out.

Here's the truth.

The murder rate is heading DOWN and has for years.

Men are the bulk of victims and always have been.

Domestic violence is most commonly reciprocal.

She hits him, he hits her, she hits him, and so on and so on. Given men are bigger and stronger, which party is more likely to be killed? But who is it that is to blame?

The feminist sees the man as the only party at fault - sees masculinity itself as the only possible source of sin.

Paul Linossier, CEO of Our Watch, group dedicated to ending domestic violence, said the fundamental problem was attitudes towards women.

"We need to go upstream and understand that behind men's control of women and the murder of intimate partners sits two key drivers; gender inequality and holding to traditional and rigid gender stereotypes," he said, carefully conflating feminist Patriarchy theory (men are in control of women!) with domestic violence in order to obscure the issue and paint men, and only men, as being at fault.

"We know from the international evidence [no reference of course]  that these two factors are the core drivers of men's violence against women.

"So in societies where gender inequality is less, there is lower levels of violence against women." [no reference at all - just take it on faith - you might as well claim that societies with communism have less violence against women].

The ABC doesn't interview experts. It interviews feminists, who don't cite references. I can tell you from experience that those people's idea of evidence is feminist theory: it's true because we say it's true, in other words. And the ABC lets that stand without question.

Listen and Believe, they chant.

Listen and Believe.

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  1. The number of domestic homicides for men and women fluctuate from year to year. To get a real sense of these number you have to average the statistics over a number of years. From 2008 to 2012 an average of 43 women and 15 men per year were killed by their intimate partners. The number per year for men is only a lower bound estimate because women often get someone else to kill their husbands which means that the homicide is listed as being committed by another family member, an acquaintance or a stranger. Women also use poison to kill their husbands and this is difficult to detect, so almost all of those who are only arrested after killing multiple partners are women. This means that figure for men is most likely closer to about 21 per year. So the actual ratio of intimate partner homicides is 2:1 for women:men.

    At least 700 Australian males between the ages of 30 and 45 commit suicide each year, many because of divorce and family break up [Death rate of 28 per 100,000 men and 2.5 million men in this age bracket]. Even if only 10 % of these men kill themselves because they were denied access to their children by vindictive ex-wives [this is most likely an underestimate] then that means that 70 men die each year. These deaths are caused by vengeful ex-wives, backed by anti-male politicians and sexist anti-family laws. However, these deaths are not counted as domestic violence, since it is only men who are dying.


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