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What if a "mattress girl" targets me next?

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The more I hear about this college and this young woman, the more I am sickened and terrified of attending a U.S. college. It just seems like more and more colleges and universities are kowtowing to the constraints of theoretical-idealist/liberal ideology.

First, this lady claims another student raped her. Then private messages she sent to the student very soon after she had claimed the rape occurred are exposed, showing how much she herself was pining after this student and how much she herself seemed to desire a sexual relationship. So she retracts her accusation, and both the college and law enforcement clear the student of any charges.

But she didn't stop.

For the next two years, she continued to play the victim, creating a melodrama so narcissistically over-inflated that the college, to many onlookers nationwide, has become a laughingstock.

The formerly accused student was subjected to humiliation and mass public shaming reminiscent of a witch-hunt. And the college has continued to make exceptions to their rules for this dishonest, self-absorbed lady, such as allowing her to exhibit her graphic drawings she had made of her supposed "rapist" on campus.

This narcissist is not a victim and certainly not a heroine of gender equality. She herself has victimized the male student and indirectly slapped the faces of other young men (who are made that much more demonized and under suspicion of violent/sexual crime) and of actual rape victims (who are made that much less credible in the eyes of our judicial system and the public at large). Absolutely disgusting.

It just has me worried.

Not about women, because it's not women that are the problem.

It's our culture at large, and specifically campus culture. There are manipulative, dishonest members of both genders, but what if a manipulative woman such as "mattress girl" decides to go after me in the same way?

Will my college step in and make sure she isn't given such a pedestal from which to slander me and encourage the public shaming and slander of me?

Or will they give her ridiculous leniency, allowing her handouts and exceptions from rules so that she can continue to make my life hell?

I want to trust my school, because I can't imagine its authorities not doing anything to punish a student like "mattress girl," but can I know for sure?

Editor's note:

Do rape victims send their rapists messages requesting a repeat performance? 

Why did the university take her seriously after this was revealed to them?

Could it be they Listen and Believe any woman who accuses any man? archived from

On Aug. 29, two days after the alleged rape, Nungesser messaged Sulkowicz on Facebook to say, “Small shindig in our room tonight—bring cool freshmen.” Her response:

lol yusss
Also I feel like we need to have some real time where we can talk about life and thingz
because we still haven’t really had a paul-emma chill sesh since summmmerrrr
On Sept. 9, on a morning before an ADP meeting, it was Sulkowicz who initiated the Facebook contact, asking Nungesser if he wanted to “hang out a little bit” before or after the meeting and concluding with:

whatever I want to see yoyououoyou
respond—I’ll get the message on ma phone

On Oct. 3, Sulkowicz’s birthday, Nungesser sent her an effusive greeting; she responded the next morning with  “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!”

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