Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Won’t somebody please think of the children?


There was a time when Feminists believed in sexual liberation. They saw that as empowering, and fought for the right to be free sexually as in other ways.

They saw censoring everything in case children saw it as wrong - why should you see sex as being shameful? Why should you try and pretend adults do not do these things?
This was the stance of their opponents - the uptight, the puritannical, the fanatical.

So what happens when some company puts up some jokes about sex?

Modern Feminists go mental. They claim these jokes promote sexism and ‘rape culture'.

I don’t see any discrimination on the basis of sex here. If anything, they are scrupulously fair and not at all heteronormative!

I think modern feminists think sexuality...  means... sexism!

“ Using a naked women”


Ok, first off, they aren’t naked, and they are certainly more covered up than other feminists have been!

So they are back to the mindset of those shrill 1950s matrons. They’ll be telling the young gals to keep a penny between the knees next!

And where’s the bleedin’ rape? A joke about having sex for money equals rape? Is that how rape works? If a woman is selling her body for money, a man fucks her, and pays accordingly, is that magically rape now?

What am I saying? Of course it is!

Feminism. It has no consistent views except that everyone else is wrong.

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