Saturday, 6 June 2015

Evil is Everywhere.

A response to

The 13 Most Vicious & Deadly Women in Nazi Camps

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Evil is everywhere. In every human, male or female. Feminists see it as a male-only disorder - the product of ‘testosterone poisoning’.

If you subscribe to that ideology, then you see men as a problem.

And then you wonder what the solution is. The Final Solution...

Read books like "The Female Man" or "The SCUM Manifesto" and tell me a concentration camp isn't something they would do given the power.

Consequently, they are blind to the fact that women are not responsible for violence as much as men because they lack the raw power to act on their wicked impulses - and when they are given that power, that evil can find expression just as surely at a woman’s hands.

By demonising men and putting women on pedestals as “God’s Police” , the irony is that they dehumanise women in exactly the way 2nd wave feminists objected to.

If feminism means equality, as the current slogan goes, then why are feminists so eager to deny that women can be just as bad as men? Why do they want to close women's prisons and let these monsters roam free?


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