Monday, 22 June 2015

"Females with heart disease are dying in hospital at higher rates than men"?

"Females with heart disease are dying in hospital at higher rates than men"

Who cares if they are dying in or out of the hospital? What are the figures for men and women DYING OF HEART DISEASE?

"every hour of every day an Australian woman dies of heart disease."

How awful. How many men? More? Less?

Cherry-picking, how does that work again?

"The Heart Foundation thinks there's a dangerous perception that heart attacks mostly affect men."

Which they will now refute with facts... no? No facts today? Tomorrow maybe?

"Julie-Anne Mitchell is the health director of the Heart Foundation."

Well, I'm sure she will treat men and women equally - and not be completely sexist. I mean, that would be terrible if something supported by the government were only interested in the needs of people based on their sex, right?

That would be, by definition, sexual discrimination. There's no chance of the government paying our taxes to sexist bastards, now, is there?

" three times as many women will die of heart disease as they will of breast cancer."

They are really focussed on whether or not you are dying IN HOSPITAL - surely it's the DYING part which is the problem?

"The Heart Foundation says 21 per cent of Australian women are dying in hospital of heart disease, compared to 14 per cent of men."

Nope, they really are obsessed. If you are dying as a homeless man, unable to get a hospital bed, well, stuff you, we have to worry about these women in their nice hospital beds! We can't spare the love for you, mate!

"There are a range of reasons as to why women are not doing as well when it comes to heart disease as men. "

Are there? Yet so far, all that's been talked about is hospital deaths, not overall mortality rates.

Gosh. When we look at real figures, suddenly it's men dying, not women. Huh.

"But doctors aren't exactly sure why the cardiovascular surgery rates for women are lower."

Maybe because they aren't in need of it as much? Because more men are dying of it? Despite there being fewer men overall?

"BRIDGET BRENNAN: If they do survive in hospital, women are more likely to go on to have a second heart attack."

Yes, compared to the men who just have their funeral to look forward to.

"We do find that women's outcomes after being discharged from hospital are not as great as men"

As someone who is far more likely to be dead as an outcome as a result of my gender I am not quite sure how they come to that conclusion. A fate worse than death? Daytime television, perhaps?

" I do believe that women have most of it. "

Most of what? The ABC's support? The public tax expenditure? Endless amounts of gynocentric propaganda from the ABC - how incredibly shocking.

It's is a nice bit of irony to see "ABC Fact Check" right next to this article - when they haven't done any.

Remember folks! Feminism is Equality(TM), but some are more equal than others...

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