Friday, 26 June 2015

Feminist Propaganda ‘Felt’ proposes sexism and violence - with cheesewire? saved from 26 Jun 2015 06:35:04 UTC

"When I was a university student there was a slogan chanted by the more militant feminists: All men are rapists."
    And when this is brought up, feminists routinely deny ever having said that, claiming it is a strawman by their enemies - so it's nice to finally see you admit it was standard.
    "Their suggested solution to this problem was to “Cheese wire all sexist bastards."
    And our suggested response was "just try it, bitches, and we'll cut yer bloody heads off".
    I've noticed feminists talked a lot about killing all men, but apart from Valerie Solanas, they were too bloody gutless to try it. They know we'd obliterate them if they tried.
    "It was a provocative response but revealed how many women* perceived the world as a hostile place"
    *correction: feminists, most women are not feminists
    And so what? So do white supremacists. Perception is not reality. Whipping up fear against an enemy group is the standard MO of all hate movements.
    "Today figures were released by the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK that show a record number of prosecutions in England and Wales for violence against women and girls."
    So what AGAIN? The number of prosecutions is NOT proof of anything but the rise in prosecutions - not the rise in violent crime. In fact, violence has been on a consistent downward trend for decades.
    "The figures include cases of rape, domestic violence and honor killing"
    In other words you conflate different crimes together to feed your victim narrative - which is especially egregious as the honour killings are a result of immigrant not accepting the culture of the land they have moved to, and domestic violence is often reciprocal, female initiated AND done by women against children.
    A feminist will look at a woman bashing her kiddies to death and use that as proof THAT MEN DESERVE TO BE CASTRATED.
     "figures released by the University of Michigan"
     Gee, I wonder if they turn out to be anything like this?
    "University of Chicago acknowledges severe limitations of campus sexual assault survey"
    "more than 20% of female students experienced “some sort of nonconsensual sexual behavior in the past year,” with around 12% experiencing “nonconsensual sexual penetration.”"
    No mention of whether that was from males or what % males had the same experience or whether they felt traumatised or annoyed or indifferent to it.
    I've experienced both, by that standard, and I can't say it gives me nightmares. Some chick kissed me without asking? Good heavens, where is my fainting couch? And you do realise THAT EVERY WOMAN WHO HAS GONE DOWN ON A PARTNER WITHOUT ASKING IS A RAPIST BY YOUR STANDARD?
    Oh silly me - only men can be rapists, i keep forgetting!
    "It’s dispiriting reading to think for all the progressive politics, feminism and political correct agendas, little has really changed in the relationship between men and women."
    So feminism has been a total failure and the only solution you can imagine is MOAAAAAR FEMINISMS.
    You know what we call someone who keeps repeating the same ineffective behaviour?
    If you actually believed any of your own hateful propaganda, you would separate. You do not, because you know better - but the victim narrative is profitable, and who are you to say no to easy money?
    " the photographer objectifies women but is disgusted by their bodily functions (farting)"
    Ok. You think it's wrong to be disgusted by farting? You do realise it's a gaseous mixture of faecal matter? If you don't find shit disgusting, go work in sewage, but try not to be surprised if the rest of us won't go near you without a peg on our noses.
    Feminism: the ability to be offended that men don't like the stink of women's shit.

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