Friday, 5 June 2015

Feminists discuss whether they will allow men the right to speak


Here's a paradox.

The claim of this group is:

"Men already have support in a super inclusive (to men only) group that already exists across the globe/province and every industry: it's called patriarchy. "

Given the existence of world-spanning conspiracy to oppress women and empower men - how could you possibly stop a men's club?

In fact, the truth is the reverse exists; feminists can, and do, silence men from speaking without consequences. They are the establishment; they write the laws, and when they break the laws, there's no punishment - even when they are being violent in their deeds.

I see not much difference between YOUR movement's claim of helplessness in the face of male oppression, and that of the National Socialists claim of Jewish oppression - which was used to justify their antisemitic atrocities.

"No men can ever experience the discriminitation and explotation that we women are subjected to."
She says as she attends higher education, for which as a woman she is entitled to far more subsidies than any man is.


Oh yes, I can see how terribly persecuted you are. I mean, you can't even afford the latest smartphone. Daddy is starving you!

You say your persecution is worse than that any man has known? You actually think those people thrown into gas chambers were better off than you? Those men now tossed out of buildings are better off than you?

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