Monday, 8 June 2015

Feminists yearn for a gendercide

Feminists have been fighting to have male fetuses exterminated legally. So far, they have encountered some resistance, but thanks to magazines like The Guardian, they may yet get their way.
Of course, with no males around, the question arises as to how all the dirty jobs - the ones feminists never quite volunteer for or have quotas for - will get done?

After all, the Suffragettes fought AGAINST female conscription in WW1. Say forty years from now, after successfully ensuring that only female fetuses survive, there's a war on. Because not every country is feminist - in fact, very few are.

And the countries which are feminist can now field very few, if any, soldiers - and despite the best propaganda feminism can muster, the laws of physics remain inviolate, and the male soldiers of the enemy are superior to the female volunteers.

It's goodbye to the UK, goodbye to the US and goodbye to sunny Orstraylya.
And feminism will be remembered as some sort of weird suicide cult.


Prominent feminists who have called for culling men, and their influence

1: Valerie Solanas (1936-1988), author of The SCUM Manifesto in 1967, 144 citations, called for killing all men. In 1968 she put her belief into action and tried to kill Andy Warhol by shooting him in the chest.

While in prison Robin Morgan (1941- ), editor of Ms. Magazine, author of Sisterhood is Powerful in 1970 (873 citations), and Sisterhood is Global in 1984 (498 citations), demonstrated for her release.

Ti-Grace Atkinson (1938 - ), then president of the New York Chapter of the National Organization of Women (the US' largest feminist group) called Solanas the first true champion of women's rights.

2: Sally Miller Gearhart, PhD. (1931- ), founder of the world's first gender studies program at San Francisco State University in 1973, teaching until 1992. Author of The Womanization of Rhetoric in 1979 (182 citations).

In 1982 in her manifesto The Future—if there is one—is female (31 citations) called for the reduction of the male population to 10%. She continued to teach for another 10 years after this.

Mary Daly, PhD. (1928-2010), tenured professor at Boston College from 1968 to 1999.

Author of Gyn/Ecology: The metaethics of radical feminism in 1990 (2638 citations), in an interview, No Man's Land, affirmed her support for Gearhart's position.

It's clear that the calls for mass murder of men were not made by fringe feminists with no influence, but in fact by feminists with significant academic reach and influence (Gearhart founding the first gender studies program set the template for subsequent programs), as well as political reach and influence (NOW and Ms. Magazine aren't small groups nobody has heard of).

More importantly, they weren't challenged, the most anyone said is that it was shocking to say. Atkinson wasn't asked to step down from her presidency, nor was the NY chapter kicked out of NOW when she supported Solanas. Gearhart didn't lose her professorship when she wrote her manifesto nor did Daly when she supported it.

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