Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Flood pics

I'll put descriptions up later. It looks like blogger has put up dupes because why not? I miss the days of simple file/web hosting.

The Starfleet battles stuff from my childhood was damaged. Some of it was recovered, some not.

Everything squished onto the table!

My body hurt so much and I had to swig down painkillers and keep going. Even then, things were destroyed well afterwards because the water was in everything, and not always visibly so.

Kinda lucky I didn't get electrocuted.

I feel upset just looking at that, months afterwards. I haven't had a good sleep since. The bookcase had to be tossed. I may never be able to use the bed again.

Even with as much water removed as I could manage, there was still a layer of sludge over everything.

A library book; the library was very generous and let me return it without a fee. They say they are getting rid of all paper books in any case. I guess they will close up their doors in a few years.

There's no other space for my washing to dry in so I make do and hope for the best.

Old books damaged by the flooding; I think they became mouldy despite my best efforts. There's just too much water below the floor boards.
The muck after a flood is very hard to get off the floor. 

Had the whole area not been impacted, I wouldn't have bothered trying to clean it as the wood will have to be removed in any case, but I expected a wait of months, and it has been months without a word as to when they will fix it.

Feeling exhausted and a little angry. I think the council shouldn't have allowed these places to be built without proper drainage channels to stormwater outlets.

Updated 3rd June 2015

As you can see, the boards are splitting apart from each other.

The holes make it dangerous to walk around.

See the angle the fridge is now tilted to? I'm going to have to move it over a broken floor and I don't have the equipment to lift it. I'm physically disabled (knees, back etc) and don't have anyone else to carry it with me, even if I was able to do so.

The force of the boards warping must be quite powerful; that fridge is full, as I can't rely on being able to walk to the shops. Some days it's like living on an island without a boat.

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