Wednesday, 17 June 2015

it will be 80 years before SocJust stops lying about the value of Fatherhood

Recommended reading: The Myth of Male Power
("The Myth of Male Power")

" it will be 80 years before fathers and mothers share the burden of parenting equally"

Nothing like starting up with a made-up number to give your article the appearance of credibility.

Men work longer hours at riskier jobs; that is contributing. And when things go pear-shaped, we have no custody rights and a massive child support bill - which in the US, for example, can lead to prison terms if we are unable to pay. All for children we will never see.

"there is the glass ceiling"

Women, by law, are seen as the primary caregivers. Simple biology makes that more likely in the early years. If you say men can bottle feed babies, then you are also saying there's no need to have women breast feeding in public.

"Globally, women’s income is 24 per cent less than men"

Which is irrelevant as we aren't in control of the globe - and in the West, women's income is often exactly the same as men's - FOR THE SAME WORK AND HOURS - BECAUSE THAT'S THE LAW.

"Women are over-represented in part-time workers "

There's no quota! You can't point to a group of people and decide their decisions are wrong, and they should have chosen the way you wanted them to - and if they didn't, it's because some bogeyman Patriarchy used mind-control rays on them.

"One study across more than 30 countries found an average increase of six hours per week in men’s caregiving from 1965-2003"

Yeah, I wonder what the difference could be - lessee - WE AIN'T AT WAR.

Next major war, all the men will be sent off, and the women will be safe at home unless they volunteer to fight. And I'm not going to hear SocJus whining about under-representation then!

"men spend about 40 per cent of the time on caregiving and domestic work"

Conflating two different types of work to get the result you want - also, did I mention men work longer hours and harder jobs? Pretty sure I mentioned it.

"In low and middle income countries"

Which are irrelevant because we don't live in those countries! Those people aren't reading your article, they are busy dying of diptheria or being burn alive by Boko Haram or suffocating in mines without safety protocols.

"why aren’t men doing their share?"

THEY ARE. You just refuse to value their contribution - like the rest of SocJus, your loathing of malekind means they could never satisfy you in the first place, so the only sane thing is not to try.

You think women should have kids without men? Go for it. We'd sell the necessary item but experience has shown men can still be sued for child support even when they are told they are safe as sperm donors.

"Maternity leave of some kind is offered in nearly every country in the world. But only about 92 countries offer any leave for fathers "


"Society still doesn't like the idea of stay-at-home dads"

Yes. Women leave men who aren't making money. It's the number one way to decrease your attractiveness to a partner. You can say that's biology or whatever - fact is, over and over, it's been shown to be relationship suicide for men to take a downgrade in career prospects, and to have no effect on women. Heck, women can be utterly broke and get partners.

"men think they will be perceived negatively if they take the time off"

... because we aren't stupid? Because we will be?

"Being the breadwinner is dads' eighth most important role"

NO, if he's not able to pay, he's gone. If he can't earn, it's over - and he may even find himself in jail in the US, as I said. Who cares about how cuddly and nice he is WHEN HE'S IN JAIL?

"encourage boys from early on to see themselves as co-caregivers"

Despite the fact they have no such right - making this a dangerous delusion. You might as well teach them that meth is a good way to spend their pay.

" universal access to subsidised, high quality day-care. "

And gold plated yachts for everyone!

Seriously, where's the money going to come from for this? SocJus really just is Communism 2.0; it promises the world because it knows it will never have to deliver. You can always blame The Patriarchy if you get into power and still can't afford the damn thing. Then have a purge and kill lots of people. It's fun!

"61 to 77 per cent of men say they would work less if they could spend more time with their children"

Pity you haven't provided any means for them to do it; if they work less, they (gasp) earn less, which - as I pointed out - means they are more likely to find themselves suddenly single with childcare payments and no custody rights. Bummer!

"Men who do more of the caregiving live longer"

Cite reference. I'm going to guess that such men are richer, and don't have to work the nasty jobs many other men are doing - the sort that kill us at ten times the rate of women's workplace fatalities. They are going to live longer *anyway*.

" changing centuries of beliefs that women and girls are supposed to the care work while men do the paid work"

Oh yes, biology, it's just some weird social construct and you can just erase it with a wave of the SocJus wand.

Women... get... pregnant. Shock, horror! They then can't do the same work. Then they are breastfeeding etc. So it makes perfect sense for the men to be doing the paid work at that time. However, outside of it, men and women have done paid work for as long as it existed. You just don't know squat about history.

"employers and workplaces that put short-term efficiency and profit ahead of human capital"


That's it. It's not there to make bunnies and rainbows, and give you hugs.

We live in a capitalist society. The other sort - the one you want - well, there's one of them still going. North Korea would be delighted to have you, I'm sure!

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