Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Australian government announced company to control monopoly over medical cannabis research

Oh, this is not looking good. And I have to wonder how much that company donated to their campaign fund.

"the company said it believed its patented particle delivery technology would mean smaller doses of cannabis would have to be used in patient care, resulting in less risk and fewer complications"

What risk? There have been zero overdoses recorded in the history of it's usage. Compare that to panadeine! And the patented delivery system sounds like they get t charge an arm and a leg to use something that costs almost nothing to make.

I recall reading Sativex (a cannabis extract) costs $10, 000/month for the users - they are taking something that a terminally ill person could grow themselves, and telling them they can have it to relieve their pain - but they better sell the house first...

"About 30 adults will participate in the first of three trials testing whether medicinal cannabis alleviates symptoms and pain for terminally ill patients and chronic sufferers."

The United States has tens of thousands of users who have been evaluated in such trials, which is why it was approved there. Why the hell would 30 here be needed?

This is for show; this is about control and the 'santisation' of cannabis, not about patient care.

Example of the American data:

"Eighteen trials published between 2003 and 2010 involving a total of 766 completed participants met inclusion criteria" (

There's no comparison. Of that thirty, maybe half will get through to the end. This is "Yes, Minister" stuff, not scientific research!

Further reading:

 Conclusions: Cannabis-based medicine is effective in reducing pain and sleep disturbance in patients with multiple sclerosis related central neuropathic pain and is mostly well tolerated.

Spasticity VAS scores were significantly reduced by CBME (Sativex) in comparison with placebo (P- 0.001). There were no significant adverse effects on cognition or mood and intoxication was generally mild.

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