Thursday, 16 July 2015

Kristen Stewart struggles against the opression of making so much money...

"the "girl prison" of misogyny"

Uh huh. The hatred against women... the same hate that means she's hired over and over for incredibly well paid jobs.

Wow, nice prison. How do I get in?

"the unreasonable demands made of women"

Yah, working is harrrrrrrd.

" the straightjacket of these expectations"

Good grief. This is like that emo poetry self-obsessed kids write, about how terribly mean their parents are when they give them a new car but it doesn't have the right brand name. How can she live with that suffering?

"after years of being chastised for looking sullen on the red carpet"

Yup. You are there to sell the movies and make the investors money. That's it. You can't smile? Some actor you are!

"having a complex personal life"

Is that what we are calling it? She cheats on her partners. She's a slut. Oh right - cheating on a man totally doesn't count, it's 'empowering', but if he does it, why, the wrath of feminism shall be rained upon him...

"It was a really traumatic period in my early 20s that kick-started something in me that was a bit more...feral,"

She says, pointing  to her body piercing as if that was proof she'd done something dangerous. Meanwhile, the men who had fought in wars just wish they could get the metal shards out of their bodies.

" Is your main goal in life to be desired?"

Depends if you are selling movies. Are you trying to sell movies? Because if you're not - good for you. Hollywood needs you to stand up and tell them you won't make them money. Then they'll replace you with the next starlet and we'll read about you when you die and think "wasn't she in... you know... that movie... i think it had apes or something?"

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