Thursday, 27 August 2015

Young women are now earning more than men – that's doubleplusgood!
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When it doesn't benefit our group, it's bad. When it does, it's good.

When you make more money, that's proof of persecution. When we do, it is the natural order, and proof of our superiority.

You question our morality? You hate equality! Misogyny! Raaaaape!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Victorian Schools Are Dropping Religious Classes

And Replacing Them With.. Feminist... Religious Classes ...?!!

oh dear

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"“focus on challenging negative attitudes such as prejudice, discrimination and harassment, that can lead to violence, often against women"

Ah, ok, replacing one religion with another then. Feminism is just another faith-based doctrine.

"Gender inequality is one of the underlying causes of family violence"

Rubbish. DV is often reciprocal and happens in same sex relationships - in fact lesbian DV rates are HIGHER.

"We need to address discrimination and teach equality as part of preventing family violence."

No, you need to teach the facts and not dogma.

"Teaching healthy, respectful relationships is key to preventing violence. "

Easier said than done! We've been trying to teach people to be good for thousands of years. But I have to wonder if this won't be using the Duluth Model - which holds that masculinity is the cause of all violence - and DV can be prevented only by suppressing masculinity.

There's nothing here about teaching ethics. They might as well admit this is Feminist indoctrination and at least be honest about it.

More references on request; most of this stuff is pretty easy to find if you care to search the proper academic papers (i.e. psychological ones, not feminist ones).

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Feminist Rules: Men Must Read Minds!

Sexual Harassment Any deliberate or repeated language, behavior, or visual display that causes a person fear, anxiety, shame, or embarrassment.

Which means that any SocJus can see someone they don't like, and claim to be overcome with terror at the sight of them.! I shall surely swoon, as is natural for my delicate feminine disposition! For I have seen a man whose opinions are not the same as my own!

Sexual harassment is:Flirting is:
Unwanted Wanted
Power-motivated Equally-motivated
Illegal Legal

So remember: words you don't like are a crime! So imagine you are a young man, you see someone you like the look of...

How do you stay within the law?

Only say things she wants.

How do you know?

You could ask her beforehand.

But what if she doesn't want you to ask?

Then asking is a crime. To ask to make sure you don't commit a crime is a crime. You should have been more attractive, then she would want you to ask if you could ask.

But you failed the moment you were born a male.

Feminism: it's like equality, in the same way napalm is like a gentle shower.

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Feminists call for 'Reverse-Rape' of men, describing it as "Paradise"

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“Men are afraid women will laugh at them."

Humans are afraid of other humans rejecting them, yes. Not sure why you feel the need to gender that. It doesn't stop them most of us from approaching each other.

"Women are afraid men will kill them”

 In general? Utter rubbish. Normal women are happy to deal with men.

In Feminist's minds, these women are frozen in fear, waiting for the moment the Patriarchal ShitLords by their sides will pounce and murder-rape them... to the death!!1!

Feminists are always claiming to be persecuted by men... never enough to actually get off their chairs, however. In countries where women are in genuine danger - they flee. They leave in leaky boats and across blazing deserts.

 Feminists love to spread the fear and hate of men - but they'll never create a society without them. They need someone to blame; a dog to kick around.

 “rape jokes that work.”

 To feminists, that means rape jokes where men are raped. Because feminists love rape - which is why they fought to keep it legal in India and Israel*. Legal for women only, of course. Men deserve it. They are ASKING for it.

 "They try to wipe us out, we mock them. "

 Uh huh. Women are suffering a Holocaust from Men, are they? Yet they are too pathetic to actually get up and leave and form their own country?

 Feminists, you are spreading Blood Libel. You know you are, and you smirk, and lie, and lie some more.

 "Broad City’s reverse-rape scenario"?

 Jesus. Bloody. Christ.

If a grown woman diddles a little boy, it's not reverse pedophilia. If a vicious woman slashes a man's throat, it's not reverse murder.

There's no 'reverse-rape'. It's rape, you sociopath.

I have to wonder what sort of monster would pretend that evil only counts when it's done against them, not when it's done by them.

"when Ilana slaps one of them on the ass while disembarking, boom, the power dynamic is utterly reversed."

Oh right. The man was oppressing her by existing, so she slapped him. A total reversal of a non-existent power-dynamic. Do you even hear your hypocrisy when you speak?

You do realise the Nazis continually claimed to be persecuted by the Jews? That they were simply reversing the dynamic?

"the fact that the “victim”"

You can't even allow that a male can be a victim.

BTW, you meant to put apostrophes around it - not quotation marks, but you are here because you HATE, not because you know how to use English.

"Would a man in Abbi’s position have the same anguished regrets"

Your evidence they wouldn't is a bullshit survey that never asked women the same questions it did of men - yet uses the results to demonise all men and cast women as hapless Damsels in Distress.

It's psuedoscience - laughably biased hogwash - and you'd never put up with it if it didn't confirm your biases. If it said the same thing about women instead, you'd have ignored it.

"Making light of rape is in no way universally a great idea. "



 "I do think that feminist critics, particularly male ones, ought to be leery of using the abstract principles of feminism to police and shame women’s artistic expression around their own status as an oppressed class."

Asking for consistent moral standards from you? Fuck off, you patriarchal Shitlooooord!

"Fey and Poehler were declaring open season not on rape itself, but on a famous suspected rapist who had gotten a pass until recently."

You really don't get this "innocent until proven guilty" thing, do you.



Spreading rumours that Jews are behind the banking system is very popular with certain folk - smears and innuendo and Blood Libels are sooo very appealing to bigots world-wide - but they never seem to provide any proof.


"Glazer and Jacobsen were exploring the far reaches of their imaginary feminist paradise, in which they are the primary catcallers and controllers of the gaze and might even be accidental predators. "

Your paradise is a world where women do the things you describe as wicked? That's your dream?

You don't have a ghost of a conscience, do you? Not an echo of self awareness when you say that.

You know what? I love people like you. When others say "feminists are not like that" - I can point to you!

In India, the definition of rape was legally changed to mean no woman could be charged with it. 6 May 2015 03:36:54 UTC

 In Israel, feminists agitated to make sure the immunity remained on the books there.  8 Aug 2015 11:34:52 UTC

300,000 Things Men Must Do To Deserve A Date From A Feminist

A response to Marie Claire's "16 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Woman Who Has Her Sh*t Together"

webpage capture  13 Aug 2015 05:06:46 UTC

1. She wants you to make plans.

Some do, some don't. Some like to be dominant outside the bedroom. Some see that as being controlling. It's actually listed as domestic abuse on some feminist websites.

4. She's a feminist.

You can't conceive of a capable woman who isn't from the sounds of things.

Well, good for her. Hope she enjoys her obese girlfriend and/or cat collection.

So don't bring her around your bro-y misogynistic friends.

God, no, nor my normal non-strawman friends either - there's no way I want this mad bitch meeting anyone I know.

She doesn't find their disrespectful, immature commentary amusing.

 Of course she's lacking a sense of humour and derives what little joy she experiences from the ability to be offended by bloody EVERYTHING.

5. She won't put up with being dicked around.

You already pointed out she's a Feminist. Hatred of penises is pretty normal for that kind!

 she doesn't have a minute to waste on your noncommittal ass

She's already planning out the divorce payments, I see?


Dating a Feminist, for example?

 she'll definitely call you out on your shit

As a feminist, I expect nothing less; constantly nagging about every perceived imperfection and the firm belief she's a goddess and can do no wrong.

 she might just throw a drink in your face

Which is assault, and Marie Claire is in favour of it - so long as it's done by a female, of course - Men are scummmmmmm!

7. She's not impressed by your band.

I. Don't. Care.

She can go hate somewhere else. Seriously, no man deserves this cunt.

8. She expects you to actually listen to her, not just stare vacantly at her face when she's talking.

9. Don't have dinner with her with your phone on the table.

So if I see a woman doing that - I can accuse her of not having her act together and bail?

Can't live without it: A woman looks at her mobile phone in a restaurant. 68 per cent of us would take a call while on a date, a survey has found


10. She wants you to call her.

I'd rather ingest my own faeces.

11. And if you do text, respond in a timely manner.

No. We do not owe women anything. If we don't text, it's probably for the same reasons women don't text us - double standard much?

12. She is not a commitment-phobe

Of course not; if things go bad, she will take you to the cleaners. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain from serial monogamy. Men, on the other hand, are only safe either in casual relationships or lifelong ones.

 She makes unwavering decisions and can commit to a two-year lease in the blink of an eye

Which is how long it'll be until she calls the lawyer and discusses how they'll use false allegations of domestic violence to embezzle your property.

13. But don't bring her to meet your parents

Under any circumstances, unless you like having her shriek like a pod-person at your father. PATRIARCHY! YOU CIS-GENDERED SHIT-LOOOOORD!

14. Don't do dumb shit on social media, like post photos with other girls.

Jesus bloody Christ. She's nuts! We haven't agreed to any commitment and she's already deciding that we have to get rid of all our female friends. Run away! Run, while you still can!

15. She wants you to be spontaneous.

Oh right, the controlling bitch wants you to be spontaneous. There's no chance you'll be torn apart for not guessing what she wants you to do? You didn't butter her toast correctly? SHITLOOOOORD!

16. Do what you say you're going to do.

Because she sure as hell won't. Promise to love you forever? Sure, until she meets someone who is a step up. Her boss, that body-builder, maybe the cute girl at her Feminist meetings... she's already planning ahead. You didn't meet her needs (for infidelity) - it's all your fault!

You should also check out

of that relationship, and delete her number - then burn the sim card, and sprinkle holy water on the remains. Then move continents, get plastic surgery, and wear a hijab for the rest of your life... because that crazy bitch doesn't handle rejection easily!

 You think it was bad because she splashed a drink on you for having female friends? Mate, you don't want to know what she did to her last boyfriend!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Feminists wonder why MRAs won't just shut up and kill themselves 11 Aug 2015 07:42:21 UTC

"After forcing myself to read the entirety of the Vice article “Women of the Men’s Right’s Movement,” my brain is bubbling with so much anger and fury, I think it may just explode. "

It's a terrifying experience for a fanatic to encounter unbelievers, but even worse for bigots to encounter people like them who just won't hate like they do. Feminists call them 'gender-traitors'. Not sure how that will win them back, but whatevs.

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27 Jun 2013 02:16:05 UTC

"this is the actual definition of feminism"

No, that's the definition you've decided to use, and it has no authority.

Past definitions were different. the fact that feminists have seen seen themselves as innately superior to men - and were not chucked out by your movement - indicates that your definition has the same credibility as a North Korean definition of Juche as "best possible political system".

" this is basically "

Ah, gotta love that weasel word - basically - because you know the strawman definition you are using isn't one that can be cited. It doesn't exist, MRAs certainly don't agree on a definition of it, and you are a liar.

But I will say one thing. If someone does hate men, are they more likely to be a feminist than not? In fact I can't think of any movement that has a greater percentage of man-haters, or that has the term "gender-traitor" to describe women who sleep with men as the part of it's formal political platform.

As for genocidal - might want to read "The Female Man". Then look for another movement that would publish a book calling for the violent extermination of a minority - then re-publish it, re-publish it, re-publish it... and other members of it's movement are all giving it wonderful reviews!

I can't think of any. Even neo-nazis pretend not to want genocide.

"men (specifically cis, straight, white men) have pretty much all of the power in our society"

Yet feminist policies are enacted under law. Sounds like the 'Patriarchy' doesn't exist, and we have what are known as 'democracies', which largely answer to lobby groups - like Feminism.

I had a look to see if you actually addressed any of the points you listed - anxiety about "Listen and Believe" meaning that men are automatically assumed guilty when accused - which was put in place by feminists - or about the Tender Years Doctrine - which still echoes in legal practice, even tho' it's supposedly been abolished.

But no.

The Feminists who fought to keep female rapists from being visible in the statistics (to keep rape as a male-only crime), and the feminists who even fought to give legal immunity to female rapists in Israel and India are simply swept under the rug.

It's not convenient to acknowledge them - ergo, they don't exist in your mind.

 " Both the men and women involved with the MRM are doing themselves a great disservice by demonizing those who could potentially be their allies."

 We ARE allies with feminists - but the feminists on our side aren't obsessed with Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity. In fact, I believe a better description of them would be Femalre Rights Activist - but Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers think Feminism can be reformed. We will see.

 As for the rest of you Feminists, you bitch endlessly about how persecuted your are by men - but never do what anyone else would do under persecution - leave and set up your own damned country.

 You just sit around holding your breath until Daddy buys you the latest iPhone.

 " their tactic of essentially corrupting language to warp the definitions of words like feminism"

 You have no idea how rich that is coming from you.

 Further reading.

 "Why I am no longer a feminist", by Christine Damon

What is Feminism?

Does Feminism actively harm men?

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Male Studies* - it's Feminist Approved(TM)!

*Now with no yucky MRAS!

Interesting article, but it does appear to be a trojan horse for feminist propaganda.

the event included academics, students, activists and a few prominent feminists, with the goal, as Dr. Kimmel put it, of “engaging men and boys for gender equality.”

'Gender equality' is usually doubletalk for gynocentricism - the 'Animal Farm' version of equality.

Why does it include feminists? Women's Studies didn't include MRAs. Why should it? Why do we need their approval to start with?

“Men’s life expectancy increases by three to four years,” said Gloria Steinem, who was on stage during the event’s opening gala, if you eliminate causes of death attributed to masculinity, such as death from violence, death from speeding and death from tension-related diseases.

She has no authority on the matter. We don't know if male life expectancy is biological or not. Men lead far riskier lives. Is that bad? Who else will take the chances if we don't? How long a life will we all lead if men refuse to go down a mine, up a power pole or inside a construction area?

“What other movement can offer men three or four more years?” she added.

Any movement can offer it - offering things is easy. Deliver? There's the kicker.

Just believe in me and you'll live longer? I've heard it all before.

"It’s safe to say that without women’s studies, we would not have many of the gains that women have made over the last 45 years"

It's not safe to say at all. Women's Studies was completely irrelevant to workplace harassment, for example, which my aunt was involved in dealing with. Her degree had nothing to do with it - in fact, I'd love to know if the graduates EVER did anything beyond bitching about how awful men are, and painting canvases with their bodily waste.

“Our job was to give people new ideas and to persuade them that they were true”

Yes, but they weren't checked, they weren't treated sceptically - they were preached, and then believed blindly. That's not how academia is supposed to work. Where's the critical thinking?
a small but vocal group of champions of male studies (not to be confused with “masculinities studies”) views Dr. Kimmel’s work as insufficiently pro-men.

This is inaccurate. We see it as pro-feminist - it has nothing to do with advancing the cause of men.

It's sort of like "Jews for Hitler". Isn't it nice that they gave us all these gold stars and want to move us to a shiny new home - apparently, the showers in that place are really something!

Australian Government says it wants Social Justice for 'all' rape victims!

If you are man subject to domestic violence in australia, you can get help on this website...

Because violence against women is unacceptable!
Errr... wait...

Just against women?

This is equivalent to having it say violence against straight people, or white people, or tall people... why narrow it down just to women, it takes MORE effort to do that than to just say "domestic violence is wrong".

So you try to get help...

and it directs you to

"Women’s Health Centres

These regional services can also provide information and referrals for women who have experienced domestic and family violence or sexual abuse and assault.  "

Yup. It's pretty clear they aren't going to help you if you're male.

It also points to who says:

"The organisation also provides counselling for women who experienced sexual assault in childhood from a number of Women’s Health Centres across NSW. "

So here's a question. Say you were born a girl, and were raped. You would get help. But say you were transgender... on the day you transitioned, you would be thrown out, no support, regarded as a victimiser automatically.

"Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia is committed to upholding the rights of all people to live in a socially just, equitable and non violent society."

Social 'Justice'? So long as you're not male, of course.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Feminists whine because Thor has a hammer again"THE MANCHILD GETS HIS HAMMER BACK."

Because feminists hate it when men read comics, feminists hate it when men are in comics as other than victims, and feminists do everything they can do to re-make comics in their image.

But they just. Don't. Buy. Comics.

See, here's the thing. In a capitalist system, the companies don't make stuff unless you buy the stuff. And you #SocJus types might get your way and force them to do as you say - and then when the sales plummet, they will choose between extinction and ignoring you.


Sorry. Maybe when you get to be the dictator of the proletariat, you can choose to have every comic following your bigoted ideology. Until then, they are free to do as they choose.

That must horrify you.

"the age of toxic masculinity was to be left behind"

No, we are still here. For a movement that constantly calls for genocide, you aren't very keen on doing any of the killing yourself. It turns out, yes, you can persuade some men to kill themselves - but the rest of us are here - waking up to your tactics - and we are getting stronger by the day.

You think you can kill us all? Honey, you have no idea what we are capable of.

"The Female Thor distinguished herself from her Neanderthal counterpart in that she didn't resort to violence at the drop of a hat"

What rubbish. Thor was gentle when gentleness was called for. And the female Asgardians were just as violent as the males. You don't seem to have any problem with them!

So it's only bad when men do it? Got it.

"Male Thor should have remained hammer-less to maintain an enduring lesson for men and boys to learn"

That when Feminists get ahold of comics, they make them boring?

"Male Thor getting a hammer of his own is catering to priviledged fan-boys"

Uh huh. Catering to their customers is bad in your book. You just don't get it - there's no trace of consciousness in that skull of yours.




Feminist screech that they don't need men - then whine about their problems until men fix them.

Independent women? Just fix the bloody problem! Just pick up pencils or stylus or pens, and draw, or write, or fund others to do it, if there are stories they want to have told.

Feminists... sit about holding their breath until Daddy fixes it for them.

So who is the child there, I wonder?

Amy Schumer smears anti-feminism with insane mass-murderers

Her response to a nut killing people at a session of her movie was that it was clearly the fault of anti-feminists.

" some of the criticism her work has faced made her think feminism is under attack in the US"
Good grief. It's not about her. People have disagreed with that ideology since the day the term was coined.
"“I think the idea of women — women’s equality making anyone upset is not something I’ll ever understand."
Because, Amy, you are playing games. This is called a Strawman argument. Most of the people who oppose you believe that women and men are equal but different - it's called sexual dimorphism.
It's trivially easy to find feminists who feel men are INFERIOR to women - and other feminists don't object to them. Feminists who re-wrote rape laws to make sure women couldn't be prosecuted, or wrote campus rape laws so that if a man and a woman share a bottle of wine and have sex, the man is held responsible, and only the man, and the man can be charged with rape on her whim, and expelled from the campus without a lawyer, with the presumption of guilt, in violation of a thousand years of legal tradition.
Feminists are the ones who hate equality. They just lie about it whenever it suits them - then shriek #KillAllMen.
This article attempts to conflate the regulation of gun control and the arguments over feminism. It claims that if a maniac kills a bunch of men, and it's mostly men who die in these things, trying to save women, that that maniac represents the opposition feminism has.
It's incredibly manipulative - almost the sort of thing you would see from Stalinist Russia.
"If you oppose our ideology, you murder helpless women. You murder babies. You eat babies! Believe what we do or you are a baby-eating murder!!"
It's propaganda. It's a lie, designed to control the emotions of the reader and whip them up into a hysteria so that reason doesn't get a say.
But here's the thing, SocJus.
The Truth will have it's way. The opposition is growing, organising, as we, the majority, men and women, awaken from your poisonous dream.
We will join together against you. And we will defeat you. And your gyno-supremacism will join the ranks of other vile movements, the Stalinisms, the Maoism, the Nazism, and then you will be forgotten, and no-one will ever understand you were more than some crazed red-head dyed harridan, screaming and pulling fire-alarms to try and stop others from speaking.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


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This is causing me havoc - it's stopped me from being able to backup my system, because the system partitions have no free space, which is a requirement.

It's a catch-22 that before you change any of this, you need to back up first!

I didn't find out until the warranty for the OS has expired either, and i haven't really wanted to try and reinstall every goddamn thing, which is a horrible job.

Monday, 3 August 2015

ANZ Australia announces it will now pay men less for the same work than women

- and the Australian Gov't approves!
In each case (except in New South Wales), the legislation allows “special measures” to be taken and states that such measures do not constitute unlawful discrimination.

Huh. So justice for all - except the people the commissioners don't like?

In essence, ANZ considers that paying extra superannuation contributions to female employees constitutes a special measure under the relevant legislation.

Like not paying Jews an equal salary would be. Oh sorry, I mean Jewish MEN. Discriminating against them is fine. And Aboriginal MEN. And gay MEN.

In fact, I have to wonder who is protected from discrimination under this law?

Oh right - anyone not a MAN.
Everyone was equal under the law in Nazi Germany, except, of course, for those for whom “special measures” applied.

ANZ also consulted with the Australian Human Rights Commission, which advised that in its view ANZ’s initiative “addressed an inequality in retirement savings between male and female employees” and was “consistent with the objects of the Sex Discrimination Act”.

Hmm. Aboriginals have less savings than white people. Should white people be paid less? Asians have more savings. Should they be paid less?

I look forward to an announcement by ANZ that Asian workers will now be docked wages because they work too damned hard.

Initially the German government passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society
The Holocaust wasn't built in a day. The gas ovens were built brick by bloody brick, with little acts of discrimination masking the hatred underneath.

You can even force your victims to build the machinery of their execution, after a while.

Work - "The Wheelbarrow Kommando", drawing by Henri Gayot. (source)

The fact that the Australian Government approves of this galls me the most - and let's make it clear, this is occurring in a supposedly conservative government!

Continued in:

Men are not regarded as 'Human' thanks to Feminist legislation in Australia

On the Web:

archived from

31 May 2016 03:25:34 UTC

as they had censored the original to try and hide their fuckery. c.f. for the 'corrected' version.

More Sources: