Sunday, 9 August 2015

Australian Government says it wants Social Justice for 'all' rape victims!

If you are man subject to domestic violence in australia, you can get help on this website...

Because violence against women is unacceptable!
Errr... wait...

Just against women?

This is equivalent to having it say violence against straight people, or white people, or tall people... why narrow it down just to women, it takes MORE effort to do that than to just say "domestic violence is wrong".

So you try to get help...

and it directs you to

"Women’s Health Centres

These regional services can also provide information and referrals for women who have experienced domestic and family violence or sexual abuse and assault.  "

Yup. It's pretty clear they aren't going to help you if you're male.

It also points to who says:

"The organisation also provides counselling for women who experienced sexual assault in childhood from a number of Women’s Health Centres across NSW. "

So here's a question. Say you were born a girl, and were raped. You would get help. But say you were transgender... on the day you transitioned, you would be thrown out, no support, regarded as a victimiser automatically.

"Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia is committed to upholding the rights of all people to live in a socially just, equitable and non violent society."

Social 'Justice'? So long as you're not male, of course.

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