Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Feminist Rules: Men Must Read Minds!

Sexual Harassment Any deliberate or repeated language, behavior, or visual display that causes a person fear, anxiety, shame, or embarrassment.

Which means that any SocJus can see someone they don't like, and claim to be overcome with terror at the sight of them.! I shall surely swoon, as is natural for my delicate feminine disposition! For I have seen a man whose opinions are not the same as my own!

Sexual harassment is:Flirting is:
Unwanted Wanted
Power-motivated Equally-motivated
Illegal Legal

So remember: words you don't like are a crime! So imagine you are a young man, you see someone you like the look of...

How do you stay within the law?

Only say things she wants.

How do you know?

You could ask her beforehand.

But what if she doesn't want you to ask?

Then asking is a crime. To ask to make sure you don't commit a crime is a crime. You should have been more attractive, then she would want you to ask if you could ask.

But you failed the moment you were born a male.

Feminism: it's like equality, in the same way napalm is like a gentle shower.

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