Thursday, 13 August 2015

Feminists call for 'Reverse-Rape' of men, describing it as "Paradise"

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“Men are afraid women will laugh at them."

Humans are afraid of other humans rejecting them, yes. Not sure why you feel the need to gender that. It doesn't stop them most of us from approaching each other.

"Women are afraid men will kill them”

 In general? Utter rubbish. Normal women are happy to deal with men.

In Feminist's minds, these women are frozen in fear, waiting for the moment the Patriarchal ShitLords by their sides will pounce and murder-rape them... to the death!!1!

Feminists are always claiming to be persecuted by men... never enough to actually get off their chairs, however. In countries where women are in genuine danger - they flee. They leave in leaky boats and across blazing deserts.

 Feminists love to spread the fear and hate of men - but they'll never create a society without them. They need someone to blame; a dog to kick around.

 “rape jokes that work.”

 To feminists, that means rape jokes where men are raped. Because feminists love rape - which is why they fought to keep it legal in India and Israel*. Legal for women only, of course. Men deserve it. They are ASKING for it.

 "They try to wipe us out, we mock them. "

 Uh huh. Women are suffering a Holocaust from Men, are they? Yet they are too pathetic to actually get up and leave and form their own country?

 Feminists, you are spreading Blood Libel. You know you are, and you smirk, and lie, and lie some more.

 "Broad City’s reverse-rape scenario"?

 Jesus. Bloody. Christ.

If a grown woman diddles a little boy, it's not reverse pedophilia. If a vicious woman slashes a man's throat, it's not reverse murder.

There's no 'reverse-rape'. It's rape, you sociopath.

I have to wonder what sort of monster would pretend that evil only counts when it's done against them, not when it's done by them.

"when Ilana slaps one of them on the ass while disembarking, boom, the power dynamic is utterly reversed."

Oh right. The man was oppressing her by existing, so she slapped him. A total reversal of a non-existent power-dynamic. Do you even hear your hypocrisy when you speak?

You do realise the Nazis continually claimed to be persecuted by the Jews? That they were simply reversing the dynamic?

"the fact that the “victim”"

You can't even allow that a male can be a victim.

BTW, you meant to put apostrophes around it - not quotation marks, but you are here because you HATE, not because you know how to use English.

"Would a man in Abbi’s position have the same anguished regrets"

Your evidence they wouldn't is a bullshit survey that never asked women the same questions it did of men - yet uses the results to demonise all men and cast women as hapless Damsels in Distress.

It's psuedoscience - laughably biased hogwash - and you'd never put up with it if it didn't confirm your biases. If it said the same thing about women instead, you'd have ignored it.

"Making light of rape is in no way universally a great idea. "



 "I do think that feminist critics, particularly male ones, ought to be leery of using the abstract principles of feminism to police and shame women’s artistic expression around their own status as an oppressed class."

Asking for consistent moral standards from you? Fuck off, you patriarchal Shitlooooord!

"Fey and Poehler were declaring open season not on rape itself, but on a famous suspected rapist who had gotten a pass until recently."

You really don't get this "innocent until proven guilty" thing, do you.



Spreading rumours that Jews are behind the banking system is very popular with certain folk - smears and innuendo and Blood Libels are sooo very appealing to bigots world-wide - but they never seem to provide any proof.


"Glazer and Jacobsen were exploring the far reaches of their imaginary feminist paradise, in which they are the primary catcallers and controllers of the gaze and might even be accidental predators. "

Your paradise is a world where women do the things you describe as wicked? That's your dream?

You don't have a ghost of a conscience, do you? Not an echo of self awareness when you say that.

You know what? I love people like you. When others say "feminists are not like that" - I can point to you!

In India, the definition of rape was legally changed to mean no woman could be charged with it. 6 May 2015 03:36:54 UTC

 In Israel, feminists agitated to make sure the immunity remained on the books there.  8 Aug 2015 11:34:52 UTC

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