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Paizo Plows on!

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“it's not 'censorship', the government isn't forcing people not to produce the game”

The idea that censorship only counts if it’s from the State is one often used by authoritarians to justify their actions. If a group burns your books, the books are burnt, regardless of whether the State sanctions it. That might be a Torah, a Bible, a copy of '1984'...

It’s all about silencing voices you don’t like - directly, by removing the offending texts; indirectly, by intimidating authors.

If the mob in Russia tells a journalist not to print an article, do you really think what a government sanctioned censor says matters a damn?

"..and even if they did it could very well still be legal”

If it was illegal, it would be acted on - so i have to wonder why you would even think, for a microsecond, that I was arguing it was illegal?

“ given that hate-speech and the like isn't protected under any law”

Hatespeech. How Orwellian that concept is. Certain words must be banned from being spoken. Certain thoughts may not be expressed.

   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights          


Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and  inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation  of freedom, justice and peace in the world, 

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in  barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind,

and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech   and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the   highest aspiration of the common people, 

Nothing there saying “it totally doesn’t count when non-State actors take away those rights”.


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23 Sep 2015 17:09:58 UTC
But Crystal, there’s no way women and/or queer people could get jobs in games if there weren’t some sort of communist affirmative action thing going on. *eye roll*

Gary Gygax himself said that women’s brains aren’t suited to gaming, and as we all know, he was an expert on neurology.


“Gary Gygax himself said that women’s brains aren’t suited to gaming”

No reference, of course.
Gary's daughters, Heidi & Elise Gygax.

 I guess he drove them so far away from gaming, they ended up in the middle of it... somehow...

".. as we all know, he was an expert on neurology”
“stark differences exist in the wiring of male and female brains”
“men have nearly 6.5 times the amount of gray  matter related to general intelligence compared with women, whereas women have  nearly 10 times the amount of white matter related to intelligence compared  to men ... men and women excel at different  types of tasks”

You realise neurologists say men and women are differently wired? Claiming that women weren’t best suited for his games might have been perfectly correct?


I mean, look at what SocJus focusses on. Cool monsters? Dungeons? Mazes?



Whether or not A has Y between their loins, or would they prefer X or perhaps Z?


SocJus is obsessed with gender to the point it cannot stop talking about it in a genre where the south wind can serenade the sea, a wall give birth, a sun spin slow thoughts.

SocJus.. is... small.

And Gygax wasn’t. I don’t care if he thought women didn’t like D&D - it was based on wargaming, and women traditionally always rubbished that, too.

But he never stopped women from entering into it. He never banned a game because women liked it and he didn’t. He never thought his personal morality had to be imposed on everyone else, his tastes had to be forced on everyone else.

Not like you do.

Not like Paizo does.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Paizo will decide what YOU may play!

Tomb of Horrors, from the days before SocJus controlled Tabletop Gaming. This really was truth in advertising.

Lots of fun for sadistic Dungeon Masters tho'! from 23 Sep 2015 10:07:48 UTC

SocJus ruins roleplaying games?

Wow, found out Paizo (maker of the D&D like Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) is controlled by Social Justice, and has now pressured DriveThruRPG into a forum policy where questioning feminism gets you a ban.

It’s a ROLEPLAYING GAME SITE. Why on Earth are they monitoring it for antifeminist thought?
Original D&D would never be allowed by these soulless bastards. They suck the fun out of everything.

Poor Gary Gygax; his products survived the religious fundamentalists, only to be buried by these neo-communists.

*cackles madly*
We’re not RUN by social justice, we just have a sizable percentage of our staff that believe that women, queer people, and racial minorities are humans beings with interesting stories to tell and have every right to see themselves reflected in entertainment products.

You realize the absurdity of inferring from a mild liberal leaning that a for-profit company is a communist front, right?
But Crystal, there’s no way women and/or queer people could get jobs in games if there weren’t some sort of communist affirmative action thing going on. *eye roll* Gary Gygax himself said that women’s brains aren’t suited to gaming, and as we all know, he was an expert on neurology. 
more reasons to use DriveThruRPG when we publish Apocalypse imo
Doesn’t Pathfinder only exist because of the communist-like open sourcing of D&D 3rd and 3.5's D20 system?
There’s nothing Communist about it. You don’t know anything about those systems. Pick up a history book not written by SocJus. Read.

Anyone (any artist) who diverged from the accepted policies of Stalin – became an enemy of people and must be condemned or sent to GULAG. What was accepted by the propaganda?

The art, had to “correctly” depict the “reality in its typical features”. This meant the art, which could show people at work and being happy – the art which was simply Propaganda.

Creative works (including literature, games, etc) in authoritarian regimes have to be approved by the Central Committee, which dictates whether or not something can be published by whether or not it promotes what the self-appoint moral authority dictates is good.

Open Source systems would be regarded as subversive - and banned.

Like Paizo is doing, to the limit of it’s reach.  SocJus doesn’t have as much power currently - more than the Christian fundamentalists ever had, mind - but neither did other authoritarian movements at the start.

National Socialism, for example, didn’t spring fully formed into being - it crept in over decades, centuries if you count the anti-Semitic forebears. It didn’t achieve political office until towards the end.

Cancers have to be treated early. This one can’t be allowed to grow.

Further Reading:

Celebrating banned books
What this boils down to is that a small group of activists have decided that they know better than you what you and your family may and may not read for free.

They have decided that they or their kids will not read a book, so no one else in town should have free access to them either.

Allow me to more frank on that point: They think they are the moral arbiters of the town.

You might have visions of ultra-conservative, Freeper types leading the charge to rid the local library of Harry Potter and its Satanism lack of a mention of Christianity. Certainly that happens

Book burning of Harry Potter novels in Penn Township
Recent book burnings have been documented in Michigan, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. The photo above is from my home state of Pennsylvania. In Maine, the burners could not get the fire permit. (LOL @fail)

But this is not the whole story. Too often, these challenges come from the left.

The Honey Badgers speak!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mohammed Ahmed is a fraud? Thomas Talbot speaks!

Thomas Talbot said:

...We've now learned that the father is a well known political stuntman

who even named his trucking company "twin towers transportation"
(mocking 9/11) and it may very well be that this entire incident was
engineered - time will tell whether that is true or not.

Its now my opinion that the youth's actions were designed to trigger exactly what happened. Since creating a hoax device in Texas is a crime, the school and the police
were within reason to detain him, BASED ON HIS ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS.

If they wanted to persecute him, they could have kept him in jail and
prosecuted, which they chose not to do.

I agree that everyone starts somewhere. Lavishing gushing praise on
undeserved and unremarkable work does nothing to help an aspiring
inventor - it also serves to demoralize young people who have achieved
considerable accomplishments through hard work learning and building.

A mentor can and should take a young person down the next steps of invention, which requires some honesty.

Friday, 18 September 2015

SocJus College claims male gratification is wickedness & sin,_the_Heinous_sin_of_Self-Pollution._Wellcome_L0025077.jpg

The college functions according to feminist beliefs - pretty much like a Catholic or a Muslim college would - but they don't advertise. Feminism is so much a part of the system that questioning it is simply impossible for them.

 "even same-sex pornography was treating another person as a means to an end"

Like going to a shop and buying a loaf of bread is, yes. My end is food. Their end is the money I have.

We exchange it.

Welcome to capitalism - no, not even that, welcome to a pattern of behaviour that even pre-dates humanity.

I have no idea how feminist economics works. Perhaps they just think they can stand about screeching until the Patriarchy gives them stuff.

Actually, I think that's pretty much it. They want to destroy Patriarchy - and feed off it at the same time.

And that's ignoring the giant amount of porn that's simply amateurs taking pictures of themselves and uploading it in return for the admiration of others - a quantity I suspect far outweighs the commercial market now.

Dr Black said the porn ban was not prompted by student complaints but was informed by a "well-held view that pornography depicts women for the gratification of male sexuality".

Really? Outside of Feminism, who, exactly, believes that? Inside of feminism - there's an entire branch of feminism that holds that such activities are GOOD!

And what the hell is wrong with the gratification of male sexuality? I mean, does he propose students hands be tied and their underwear monitored, like was done in Victorian times, to prevent self-pleasuring? Oh, only male students, I forget.

What Dr Black means is that every time a male experiences release, a female is damaged. Presumably magic sperm monkeys fly out and slash away at her innocence and purity.

"We're not in any way restricting their ability to do what they want with their own personal resources "

Except they are paying for wifi. In the same way they are paying for electricity and water and space. If the wifi is a common resource, so too is the light from the bulbs... will the college monitor that as well, in case it be used for the horrible sin of simply illuminating a female body for male gratification?

A man is about to pleasure himself by looking at a tattered paper copy of Playboy - when there's a hard knock at the door. Who could it be?

Oh no! It's the Sex Police!! Flee!

Oh, heavens!

Hold the Press! You Must Hear This!

Breasts are Oppression!

Why is it acceptable to show breasts?

Because they aren't sexual body parts.

So if I touch your breasts?

I'll charge you with sexual assault!

And if you touch my chest?

You can't charge me with the same crime! Breasts are different - except when it suits me for them to be the same!

Well, what if I say it's fine for you to be topless?

Don't look at me, that's harassment!

Ok, what if I draw a topless woman?

That's pornography! It demeans women! It encourages rape!

You mean it expresses male sexuality?

Which is rape!

But lesbians also like breasts?

Lesbians are strong empowered women, so it's totally ok when they draw them... so long as men can't see them, because that's rape!

Ok. Glad we could clear that up.

Die, ciscum! Can't wait to put you in a camp to rot!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Men are not regarded as 'Human' thanks to Feminist legislation in Australia

Update 19th Nov 2016

Melbourne University advertises female-only jobs

Female only job categories now becoming common

Update: 16th Sep 2016

Australian Bureau of Statistics to discriminate against hiring men - the AHCR strikes again, ruling that discrimination is fine against men - because they are violent.

Well, lesbian DV is higher than straight DV - so can we discriminate against lesbians, I wonder?

This story follows on from ANZ Australia announces it will now pay men less for the same work than women

I have confirmation, in writing, from the Australian government, that men are NOT protected by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) - equality only applies if it benefit women.

It is perfectly legal in Australia to underpay men, and that the AHRC is all in favour of it.

Of course, by their own logic, they should pay asians less than white people - because asians save more.

Does this make sense to anybody outside of SocJus?

Dear Brett

Thank you for your email below and apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Thank you for raising these concerns with us.  ANZ recently announced that they would pay female employees an additional annual superannuation contribution. The purpose of this measure is to address the fact that women have lower retirement savings than men.  This measure is one of a range of measures ANZ is taking to address inequality between men and women in its workforce.  These include: 

• measures to ensure equality in recruitment, promotion and remuneration between men and women
• measures to promote flexible work arrangements
• payment of superannuation contributions on behalf of employees on parental leave
• providing a child care allowance. 

The Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) provides that a person may take 'special measures' for the purpose of achieving substantive equality between men and women.

The phrases ‘special measures’ and ‘substantive equality’ are not defined in the SDA.  However the secondary materials, as well as the text of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, suggest that special measures should be measures designed to overcome inequality caused by historical and structural barriers faced by women.  Generally, the Commission’s view is that special measures must be intended to address such barriers, and must be reasonably capable of being characterised as addressing such barriers. 

The Commission has no power to certify special measures under the SDA.  However, the measure ANZ has implemented, in the context of the other measures the ANZ is taking, appears to be designed to address an inequality in retirement savings between male and female employees.  As such, in the Commission's view, it appears to be consistent with the objects of the SDA. 

Thank you again for your inquiry.

Best regards

-----Original Message-----
From: Australian Human Rights Commission []
Sent: Sunday, 2 August 2015 3:55 AM
To: Communications Unit
Subject: Form submission from: Contact us

Submitted on Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 3:54am
Submitted by anonymous user:
Submitted values are:

  ==Web enquiry form==
    My enquiry is regarding: Communications - <a
    (Messages for the Commissioners, queries about information on our
    website or just to lodge your opinion or comments, or anything
    else that doesn't fit in the other categories)
    Name: Brett Caton
    The ANZ has announced it will be paying males less than females
    for the same work, and claims that it has sought permission from
    you for this deed, and that you endorse such discriminatory
    "As a result of this we were advised by the Australian Human
    Rights Commission that they believe this initiative to be
    “consistent with the objects of the Sex Discrimination Act”
    and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Commission granted a 10 year
    Is their interpretation correct? Do you really stand for
    equality, but only in the Animal Farm use of the term?

The results of this submission may be viewed at:

WARNING: The information contained in this email may be confidential.
If you are not the intended recipient, any use or copying of any part
of this information is unauthorised. If you have received this email in
error, we apologise for any inconvenience and request that you notify
the sender immediately and delete all copies of this email, together
with any attachments.

Further Reading:

" the AHRC differentiates formal from substantive equality.

Formal equality is equa­lity of all citizens before the law and commonly ­associated with equal opportunity.

Substantive equality is inequality under the law in favour of state-designated minority groups ­towards equality of outcome.

Substantive equality thus reverses genuine equality. It is a prime ­example of the neo-­Marxist double­think that characterises contemporary Left thought and undermines universal human rights. "


From the job search above:

Lifestyle Support Worker (Female) Sherwood
Private Individual through Homeswest Inc - Sherwood QLD
40+ year old female applicants only. Person required Thursdays 9am to 6pm and as a back up -

Case Worker in Training
The Salvation Army - 4,015 reviews - Gold Coast QLD +1 location
As this role is in a Women's only accommodation centre, only female applicants need apply. Salvation Army Still Waters is a crisis accommodation centre for...

Research Assistant
Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia - Sydney NSW
$91,568 a year
R&DVSA holds an exemption under the Anti-Discrimination Act and only employs female staff. Orientation/training is paid, and is scheduled to commence Wednesday...

Case Managers
B Miles Women's Foundation - Sydney NSW
B Miles Women's Foundation holds an exemption under the Anti-Discrimination Act and only employs female staff....

Corporate Receptionist
Bridge Consulting - 2 reviews - Sydney NSW
Please submit your resume in "Word" format only. Our client values diversity in the workplace and encourages applications from females, Aboriginals and Torres... [not explicit but it's coded that they are discriminating on the grounds of sex and race]

Senior Accounts Officer-
Kelly Services - 7,060 reviews - Gold Coast QLD
Be able to work well within an all female accounts team including Management. Please forward a cover letter addressed to Sheryll Dobson that outlines your...

Senior Accounts officer - Manufacturing Industry Exp essenti...
Kelly Services - 7,060 reviews - Gold Coast QLD
Be able to work well within an all female accounts team including Management. Only candidates who have the required Manufacturing Asset reconciliation...

Support Worker
Southern Cross Community Healthcare - Parramatta NSW
Females preferred to start training ASAP. This position is only open to Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents....

So that's 8 (possibly 7; might be a duplication?) on the 1st page.. I found 30 pages of these there, but it's hard to get an exact answer because there's no standardised format.

However, note they keep referring to the exemption - that's the loophole the AHRC provided to make sure businesses can discriminate against men, but not women.

I tried searching for male only jobs by the same method but couldn't find any; searching by "male only" gave 4 results including...

General Practitioner Opportunities
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (CAAC) - Alice Springs NT
$172,385 - $198,965 a year - Full-time, Part-time
General Practitioner - Male Health (PN811). This is a male identified position. Our Ingkintja Male Health Service and Men's Shed is a male-only place providing...

Aboriginal males > white women so you can discriminate in that case.

Inner South Community Health - Melbourne VIC
Male Only worker as per Equal Opportunity Act (2010). ? Prevent male violence through challenging the attitudes and behaviour of men and male youth....

This is a feminist propaganda job, so it doesn't surprise me that it's exempt from normal law.

Chief Officer
Superyacht Crew International - Australia
Male only due to cabin arrangements. This is a great job for a suitably experienced Superyacht Chief Officer....

Probably a good example of a male only job, but i wouldn't mind betting they could get it challenged; after all, it's less efficient to have gender neutral toilets and they seem to be moving in anyway.

Feminists declare men 'unnecessary'

Do the mothers really not need men, as ‪#‎Feminism‬ has convinced them?

Of course not! For one thing, that sperm has to come from somewhere. For another, they are subsidised by the working population - men - so they can go pursue their dreams of breeding.

What else do we learn from the article? That men are shirking their duties of slaving for these women, and going off on their own path. How dare they? How are these women going to be treated as Princesses if men aren't acting as their sperm banks and ATMs?

Remember: Feminism is Equality(TM), but some are more equal than others.

A judge ruled that William Marotta must pay child support, even though he says he signed documents waiving his parental rights.
So he has no parental rights - but still has to pay through the nose?

Feminism is now fighting to remove anonymity, to make child support payments retroactive.

Why? Because they need men not just to pay through sperm - but through giants wads of cash. It's not easy being a Feminist - when you are blaming the Patriarchy every day, just as hard as you can, but it still expects you to pay your bills. Such oppression!

It's no wonder Feminists want to make Sexbots for men illegal - how could they compete - when they don't want to even enter the race?

New Line Cinema

See Sexbots: Why Women Should Panic - although I think it's more Feminists problem, non-Feminist women can always get a man if they want one.

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Wonder Woman Is Hiring As Few Male Crew Members “As Possible”,  12 Sep 2015 12:26:07 UTC

Will they be hiring the best candidate for the job?

No, only the one who is the right sex.

But why stop there? Why not only hire people of the right religion, the right skin colour, the right dietary habits? Only hire black lesbian vegans in wheelchairs?

I love Wonder Woman, I really do. But I can see no way this won't be another #SocJus propaganda piece.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Women Are Prizes In Video Games", claims HuffPost!

"Women Are Prizes In Video Games "

31 Aug 2015 18:06:39 UTC

Are they? Great! When do I get mine delivered?

"You can't ignore the latest video from GamerGate's biggest enemy"

I have so far. What will she do, kidnap me and force me to watch?

"For decades, players have been rewarded with flesh"

Turns out even pandas like looking at porn. Why does it shock you that humans are excited by visual depictions of human bodies?

"The video is worth watching in large part because seeing so many examples of women-as-reward in rapid succession is dizzying"

No more than seeing huge numbers of *anything* in quick succession is dizzying. If you flashed by all the images of man-as-reward from female orientated media, it would take far more than your lifetime.

"Video games are supposed to be art"

No, they are supposed to be video games. Again, you seem startled very easily. Perhaps you should pay for a massage? Take a holiday?

"Mario beats Bowser and Princess Peach kisses him"

Yah, he risks his life saving her butt - and gets a kiss. Crikey! She should slap him on the cheek and he should be grateful, the worthless worm!

Look at these women being raped by that misogynist!!

" Video games are supposed to be.. for everyone"

That's not how capitalism works; you target to your consumers. If you want to write games for feminists, where they... clean someone's house... I'm not kidding, that's a real example of a Feminist computer game... then you go do that.

We'll be busy playing our vidya - we don't care.

"Watch a prostitute perform oral sex on your character in "Grand Theft Auto V" and your character's attributes improve."

I don't know if that's in the game or not, but let me tell you something - oral sex is bloody awesome. My stats certainly improve after a decent blow job.
Written by... a woman? Nooooooooo!

Reading this, I have to wonder - do you feel disgust at all sexuality, or just MALE sexuality? If the person giving the blowjob was male, would you spin that as homophobia? If the person receiving it is female, is it a strong empowered woman who don' need no man?

"It all reinforces the idea that men are supposed to -- even entitled to -- claim women after overcoming some challenge. "

Rubbish. Any men who believe they are entitled to women are put in prisons or psychiatric wards.
Note to Feminists: this is not real!

" it also communicates a heteronormative status quo -- sex and relationships in video games are too often exclusively for a man and a women. "

You haven't actually played any vidya, have you, now?

Good grief! Same sex relationships have been in games for ages. If you had done a few seconds research... no, fact checking is just not the SocJus way.

"They're quite frequently also just for white people."

You realise the asian market is the biggest in the world? Or are they white now? Oh right - SocJus decided the Japanese ARE white - I forgot. Silly me!
SocJus is dedicated to saving asian culture... from the asians, who obviously can't be trusted with it.

"To clarify, here's what this video is not saying: That sexuality in video games is inherently a problem"

Rubbish! It bloody obviously is. Jeez, SocJus, you say computer games don't have lesbian sex, you say women are given out as prizes and that there's no asian computer games. What planet are you from?

"While Sarkeesian has been targeted by GamerGate proponents over her views before-- with death threats and harassment"

You have evidence of this? Why haven't you contacted the police? Is it that you don't have a phone? Why not publish the information; we'll call them for you?

What's that? The cat ate the evidence? Oh dear.