Friday, 18 September 2015

Breasts are Oppression!

Why is it acceptable to show breasts?

Because they aren't sexual body parts.

So if I touch your breasts?

I'll charge you with sexual assault!

And if you touch my chest?

You can't charge me with the same crime! Breasts are different - except when it suits me for them to be the same!

Well, what if I say it's fine for you to be topless?

Don't look at me, that's harassment!

Ok, what if I draw a topless woman?

That's pornography! It demeans women! It encourages rape!

You mean it expresses male sexuality?

Which is rape!

But lesbians also like breasts?

Lesbians are strong empowered women, so it's totally ok when they draw them... so long as men can't see them, because that's rape!

Ok. Glad we could clear that up.

Die, ciscum! Can't wait to put you in a camp to rot!

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