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Feminist claims history needs to be re-written to be all about women - surprise!
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"Speech is power."

Is that why Feminists scream "Shut the F**k Up" at every meeting of people they disagree with?

" Leaving aside the traditional hostility towards women who speak out"

Opinion stated as fact.

" I get extremely frightened whenever I take part in a public debate."

So what? So do most people. This is not a gendered issue. It's certainly not somehow the fault of men.

"The first step is to understand how women became the silent sex. "

No, the first step is to question that assumption. Women have spoken up throughout history. In those times that men have had more power, they have also had more responsibility. They were the ones who had to put their lives on the line.

So what we have now is a situation where men are still supposed to put their heads above the parapet, to protect coddled princesses like Emma Watson, as a part of HeForShe.

" my Ascent of Woman history series begins by looking at the origins of patriarchy"

Something which has no standard definition. How can you say when it came into being if you cannot agree on what it is in the first place?

Sophocles wrote that “silence is a woman’s garment"

Yes, and Eve Ensler, in "The Vagina Monologues", wrote that raping little girls was fine if a woman was doing it.

"If it was a rape, it was a good rape".
Funny that you don't seem to have a problem with that. A play, which is shown to little kids, which, by your own bloody logic, advocates raping little girls.

Sophocles wrote plays. A character in that play says the line you cherrypick out as being his personal opinion. I'd argue it's much more clear that Eve Ensler's voice is being heard in TVM than that of Sophocles in his works.

"a woman who speaks out of turn to a man will have her teeth smashed by a burnt brick"

No references here. No peer review. Searching on this links back to the author. So what we have here is, again, opinion stated as fact.

If this person had integrity, they would have their research judged by other historians, instead of aiming at the uncritical feminist demographic.

"It took until the dawning of the Enlightenment for men to discover that self-expression is the most basic of human rights; women learned it the hard way."

What, men learned it the easy way? Reminds me of Life of Brian, with the Prisoner chastising Brian for getting away with crucifixion.

"the story of civilisation isn’t only about men silencing women"

Again, stating opinion as fact - it's not been established that it was about silencing women in the first place.

Women have often spoken at tribal meetings. Historically, women voted, since the vote was a matter of property and there are cases of women casting four votes in a time of most men having none.

Even humble women wrote letters, held banners, exhorted the faithless to prayer and chastised the drinkers and degenerates. And not all women were humble! They ruled kingdoms. They ruled EMPIRES. They crushed heresies and burned books and had tongues torn from mouths. They had men flayed ALIVE.

Feminists look at all that and sweep it under the carpet. It's inconvenient.

"One of the most liberating aspects about making The Ascent of Woman was that it is neither a simplistic tale of woe nor a hymn to progress"

No, it's a propaganda piece. That is regarded by feminists as liberating for the same reason that the National Socialists found "The Protocols of The Elders of Zion" liberating. Doesn't make it true.

" the high priestess Enheduanna (ca. 2300 BC), was the first known author"

Yet no other source I can find supports this. It's almost as if the author decided that it had to be a woman, found an early candidate, and decided whatever she created was now defined as a novel...

"“I am Enheduanna,” she declared in one of her poems"

Good for her. We were talking about novels. What novel did she write, exactly?

Nothing there about being a novelist. 

"Sargon placed enormous trust in Enheduanna in elevating her to the position of high priestess of the most important temple in Sumer and leaving to her the responsibility for melding the Sumerian gods with the Akkadian ones to create the stability his empire needed to thrive. Further, she is credited with creating the paradigms of poetry, psalms, and prayers used throughout the ancient world."

Women have always had enormous power in religions. The idea their voices have been silenced is laughable. Why would Sargon, that Patriarchal oppressor, trust 'chattel', which is how feminists claim women were seen as, with such responsibility?

"Enheduanna proudly stated the right to proclaim the female “I am”"

What, specifically, is "The Female I Am"? How does it differ from "The Male I Am"? Maybe it's just people going "I am Me!"??

"Enheduanna imposed her mark on the literary landscape in ways that few men, let alone women, ever achieved."

Really? Practically no-one has heard of her. I doubt there's a single thing that would be different for our history had she never existed.

" Enheduanna is often called the Sumerian Shakespeare "


sorry, there's just no way I can deal with this slimy smug slanderer any longer. I'm done.

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