Friday, 30 October 2015

'Consensual' sex is fun, because it allows you to destroy any man you like!

“Consensual sex is fun!” says the Feminist, content in the knowledge that she can withdraw it retrospectively, and that all males are guilty until proven innocent.

“I have sex for fun, and I have no shame,” she said, shaming men who enjoyed porn and BDSM and sex workers, and trying to criminalise sexbots before they even existed.
My pussy, my rules” she shouted. A man said "what about his cock? doesn't he get any rules", so she smashed him to the ground for his misogyny and word-rape.
“I was a little nervous … that there might be some people who would yell some offensive things" - yes, this is what terrifies Feminists. Not Boko Haram burning schoolboys alive, but the idea they might hear something they disagree with.

“It’s interesting to question the use of gender in a conversation. Do you really need to say ‘he’ or ‘she’?" said the feminist crafting special laws that only affected men. A woman cried "but I'm only attracted to men, I need to know what sex my partners are", but the Feminist knew it was just internalised misogyny and killed her own mind until the bad thoughts went away.
...a campaign in which people assert that their outward appearances never make unwanted sexual attention acceptable...
"Hang on", pointed out the logician, "how is it even technically possible - the only way to find out if sexual attention is unwanted is to communicate desire - humans cannot read minds, or see the future, if we can't use words, what can we.." .. but the Social Justice Warriors tore out his tongue so that no-one would ever have to hear such terribly offensive things again.

SHARE aims to bring bystander intervention programming", and programming of others as well. All must think alike - that is the spirit of SocJus!

"Society should oppress men for thousands of years"?

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Let's look at these one by one.

"Society should oppress men for thousands of years"

You do realise education was incredibly rare until the last few hundred years - whereupon both sexes were offered it?

What this is is a victim narrative. It doesn't care what the truth is - it wants to twist everything around in order to demonise males, and put females on a pedestal.

Forced marriages occur for boys all the time RIGHT NOW.. however, forcing a boy to marry a woman who can't give birth makes no sense, whereas forcing a girl to marry a man who has proven he can pay for children etc DOES.

You fail biology forever.

As for claiming that homemakers are inferior to career women - do you even hear yourself when you say that? And most men are working the hard jobs, not office work - they have to do all the dirty stuff that gets them killed AT TEN TIMES THE RATE IN THE WORKFORCE.

You should have a panel where he is standing at her grave, being told he will be looked after for life - because that's the situation the women are in now thanks to the sacrifices of men.

As for men controlling all power - you do realise women got the vote PRETTY MUCH THE SAME DAY AS MEN DID. Voting was, at best, a toy of the rich and powerful - heck, women ran for political office without it, and centuries ago most US States had votes for women anyway.

Most voters are women. Whatever candidate wins is determined by women. Which is why pandering to the feminist lobby is such a big deal nowadays.

As for the male office worker being sexually harassed - YOU JUST SAID MEN WOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO WORK.

If you are looking at history, men were required to defend the honour of the womenfolk to the death. So are you going to have a panel where his mother, his sister, his daughter grabs a gun and blows that woman's head off? Of course not - victim narrative means men could never have done anything for women in your herstory.

In your minds, your grandmothers were the victims of your grandfathers, and so on, for every generation to the dawn of time.

All those women were just weak and pathetic, apparently!

As for the marketing woman who doesn't understand men - do you have the faintest idea how capitalism works? No. If you fail to appeal to your consumers, you lose, and your business fails. Businesses are ruthless meritocracies in that sense. Either they model the consumer's minds effectively or they cease to exist.

You think businesses deliberately failed to appeal to women? You do realise women always ran businesses - outside of your Mad Men fantasies, women worked out what women wanted and sold products accordingly?

As for "just a feminist" - this is actually the platform of groups like The Feminist Initiative, a political party in Sweden. And in Australia, feminist groups made it legal for men to be paid LESS PER HOUR than women for the same work - which is carried out in the ANZ Australia offices.

In the name of Feminism, with full support from the Feminist run Australian Human Rights Commission.

So it's not beyond Feminism - some extreme vision - THIS. IS. FEMINISM.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Feminism has so much to offer everybody, regardless of gender, so STFU, ShitLords!

A reply to Jennifer Gibbs

" Every movement seeking equality is named for the underdog."

No, communism, for example, was named for communes. Try again.

" The movement for male female equality is called feminism"

Name one thing feminist organisations have done for men.

Counter-example: they fought against gender neutral rape laws in India and Israel.

"because women have been 2nd or 3rd class citizens or chattel"

According to Feminists, this woman is being oppressed by these men. The woman is the slave, the men her owners.

That is how they think.

Law. a movable article of personal property.
any article of tangible property other than land, buildings, and other things annexed to land.
a slave.
Women had the right to run for government even when they didn't have the vote. As for them being chattel - that never happened. I don't think you even know what that word means. You are repeating hyperbole you have heard without comprehension.

" Women in the US and Canada didn't get the vote until well into the 20th century. "

When men got the vote. How terrible, that they had as few rights as men did. Equality is a bitch.

"Women of my grandmother's era were most frequently stay-at-home wives or maids."

Or Queens or Empresses. Or they ran businesses, were mayors, wrote novels... you really think men had it better? Maybe you should visit the cemeteries from WW1 or the Boer War.

" My mom's generation were basically told your options are stay-at-home-mother, secretary, teacher or nurse."

I'm gonna call bullshit on that one. But you use that 'basically' weasel word, to make sure you have an out.

Even if no-one said any of that - even if women got Nobel prizes, flew around the world and ruled nations, you can still find a way to twist it in your mind that women were some slave class, and the men who had to die to protect them were somehow the rulers.

"Women still experience discrimination when going into male-dominated careers."

As men do in the inverse. But the difference is, women get free scholarships, they get quotas, they get seats in Parliament, just because vagina.

And no matter how much free stuff they get - no matter than men have to earn everything they get, you lot always claim you are being robbed - but you never, ever, leave to form your own nation.

You claim you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle, but you just can't seem to stop pedalling.

"Women are only just starting to be allowed to fight on the front lines"

NOW and other feminist organisations have fought against female conscription for decades, and in non feminist countries, like the old Soviet Union, women were used in combat quite freely.

But yes, I do look forward to seeing your name on the selective service rolls. And the thought that one day, women might fill body bags instead of men is rather pleasing.

Will women ever be called upon to die to protect men?

Of course not. We know society has always been about protecting women from harm.

" If you want to get semantic and call it humanism or equalism"

The term is egalitarianism, dolt.

" it doesn't change the movement's goals one iota "

Yes, it does. Starting with a goal of human equality, not one of retribution for perceived wrongs.

Only a feminist could look at laws that make women immune to rape charges and see that as equality.

Only a feminist could look at laws that mean men are paid less than women for the same work - and call that EQUALITY.

Feminism uses the Animal Farm motto:

"All are equal - but some are more equal than others".

" Anyone who tells you otherwise is either an extremist or not a feminist at all."

Ah, the No True Scotsman fallacy. I was wondering when you would trot that out.

No, what feminists do is real feminism. What organisations like NOW do, what Mary P. Koss and Dworkin and even Greer did, is Feminism.

You can no more claim they aren't feminists than some fascist can claim Hitler wasn't a Nazi.

" Men are quite able to form groups to deal with male issues. "

Except that's not quite true, is it? When men gather to discuss male suicide, feminists do their best to sabotage the event. Feminists care about men?

You think she cares about men? "Cry me a River", she sings, when told she's stopping men from getting help when they are suicidal.

"Unfortunately it seems most "male groups" I've encountered are primarily focused on putting women and feminists (excuse me, "feminazis") down or advocating cave man ideals, rather than deal with genuine issues."

Outside of your imagination, which groups have you encountered? Cite references for your assertions. Oh, lemme guess, it's a Strawman Argument...

I was on a thread once discussing a man who had been raped by three women. The feminists (both male and female) expressed outrage and a desire for better social programs to protect male victims of rape and abuse. There were quite a few men, however, making comments like "Lucky guy!!"

Yes. And women say the same thing. The traditional attitude is that women can't rape. One backed up by feminists - who never object when some female pedo gets a light sentence, who never object to a newspaper describing a teacher's interference with her pupil as an affair.
The big list: Female teachers with students

Look up their names on assorted media outlets. How many of them are treated seriously? Do they get the same sentences men get? Do Feminists object at their gentle and sympathetic treatment?
"Mainstream feminists are supportive."

Rubbish. They will always victim-blame. Name one feminist organisation that has fought for gender neutral rape laws in the US.

Do not let a vocal minority of extremists or misandrists (and the misanthropists who love to complain about them

A misanthropist hates ALL humans. They are quite rare. Again, I do not think you know what the word means.

I tell you one thing though - I have yet to hear of a misandrist who wasn't a feminist. Every time a woman calls for all men to be put in concentration camps or outright exterminated like vermin, she'll be a feminist, often celebrated as such by other feminists.

" Mainstream feminism wants equality"

In the same way communism does - after all, they keep saying it - they just don't ever DO it. Instead, they fight for special female only privileges - taxes only on men, as the Feminist Initiative does, or lower wages for the same work, as is the case in Australia.

Before you complain that some women want the benefits afforded by feminism's advances while retaining female privilege....those women are NOT feminists, even if they say they are."

Really? So will they be thrown out of teaching Gender Studies? Or running NOW, or other Feminist organisations?

Of course not. Feminism is female supremacism. It talks equality... but it embraces those bigots who despise men.

"Decent men are feminists"

Feminists claim men can only be allies at best - don't see your lot throwing out those women.

"plus there are an awful lot of women who aren't feminists."

It's true increasingly few women want to sign up with your perpetually offended racist hate-movement. I wonder why?

" There are plenty of women who are even misogynists"

Cite reference. Misogyny is also incredibly rare. Actually hating an entire sex? Please!I mean, apart from Feminists, who does that?

"Women like women more than men like men ... Women are nearly five times more likely to show an automatic preference for their own gender than men are to show such favouritism for their own gender, according to a study in the October issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 87, No. 4)."

" intent on maintaining the patriarchal status quo"

which never existed in the first place - the rulers didn't give a damn about ruling for the benefit of men, and put in place laws that imprisoned men who failed to protect women, EVEN WHEN THOSE WOMEN WERE COMPLETE STRANGERS.

Yes, only a feminist can look at the hue and cry laws - which meant a man had to throw himself into danger to protect women - and say that women were being oppressed. Funny sort of oppression, where the 'rulers' are imprisoned if they fail to protect the ruled with their lives!

And now, Big Red will explain Feminism to us Shitlords and Shitladies, who just... don't... get it.