Friday, 30 October 2015

'Consensual' sex is fun, because it allows you to destroy any man you like!

“Consensual sex is fun!” says the Feminist, content in the knowledge that she can withdraw it retrospectively, and that all males are guilty until proven innocent.

“I have sex for fun, and I have no shame,” she said, shaming men who enjoyed porn and BDSM and sex workers, and trying to criminalise sexbots before they even existed.
My pussy, my rules” she shouted. A man said "what about his cock? doesn't he get any rules", so she smashed him to the ground for his misogyny and word-rape.
“I was a little nervous … that there might be some people who would yell some offensive things" - yes, this is what terrifies Feminists. Not Boko Haram burning schoolboys alive, but the idea they might hear something they disagree with.

“It’s interesting to question the use of gender in a conversation. Do you really need to say ‘he’ or ‘she’?" said the feminist crafting special laws that only affected men. A woman cried "but I'm only attracted to men, I need to know what sex my partners are", but the Feminist knew it was just internalised misogyny and killed her own mind until the bad thoughts went away.
...a campaign in which people assert that their outward appearances never make unwanted sexual attention acceptable...
"Hang on", pointed out the logician, "how is it even technically possible - the only way to find out if sexual attention is unwanted is to communicate desire - humans cannot read minds, or see the future, if we can't use words, what can we.." .. but the Social Justice Warriors tore out his tongue so that no-one would ever have to hear such terribly offensive things again.

SHARE aims to bring bystander intervention programming", and programming of others as well. All must think alike - that is the spirit of SocJus!

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