Sunday, 25 October 2015

Doctor Who: "The Woman Who Lived" Review

This was terrible! There were so many opportunities missed here.

“My long life means nothing but suffering!”

“I have known a lot of people who lived longer, who coped perfectly well - one lived a life lasting as long as some suns, and he still called me friend.”

“Living a long life means I can master every art!”

“Mastery of arts is done through memory. Yet you forget everything else - that’s an awfully convenient sort of memory, don’t you think?”

“You abandon people!”

“I never promised to be their companion for the whole of their lives. I am a friend, not their husband, and i do not owe them more than I give to them, nor do they owe me more than they give to me.

They must find joy in the world through their own efforts, just like everyone else. As you pointed out - I am not their father. And even if I was, at some time, you have to make your own way in the world.”

I am sick of hearing that the Doctor is responsible for everyone’s happiness. He isn’t. It’s lazy writing to have him put in that situation over and over.

Also, black dudes in medieval England, when most people lived out their lives in the same few square miles?? Argh! SocJus strikes again!

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