Friday, 2 October 2015

Rich woman laughs at the misery of all boys and all men - in the name of Feminism

    2 Oct 2015 11:58:25 UTC

Just snorkelling in an entire lagoon of male tears.
Clementine Ford's fantasy is to swim through rivers of male tears - the tears of old men abandoned and homeless, without care just because of them being born with the wrong sex, and of young boys having their throats cut or their bodies burnt alive by Boko Haram while the world only worries about the few schoolgirls who were kidnapped.

This is the face of Feminism. Smug, privileged, infinitely entitled and callous.

And before you say not all feminists are like that - there are no feminists who object to her. She has a free pass to do this stuff, and she does it over and over.

How does she get away with it?

Because Patriarchy Theory holds that all the woes of the world are caused by men, and so you can do any atrocity you wish to them, and they deserve it. You can even talk about putting them in concentration camps. That's not a problem.

But when people object to that? Why that is reported to the bloody United Nations as cyber-violence. It is reported as violence as bad as physical violence to simply say "NO, you are wrong", and it is reported as violence to all women, everywhere, as hatred of all women, everywhere.

Feminism is evil. Feminism is a rich, privileged woman swimming through the tears of the dying. Feminism is the enemy, and we will oppose it, and we will see the end of it, mark my words.

It's time for the river to be dammed.

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