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"Society should oppress men for thousands of years"?

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Let's look at these one by one.

"Society should oppress men for thousands of years"

You do realise education was incredibly rare until the last few hundred years - whereupon both sexes were offered it?

What this is is a victim narrative. It doesn't care what the truth is - it wants to twist everything around in order to demonise males, and put females on a pedestal.

Forced marriages occur for boys all the time RIGHT NOW.. however, forcing a boy to marry a woman who can't give birth makes no sense, whereas forcing a girl to marry a man who has proven he can pay for children etc DOES.

You fail biology forever.

As for claiming that homemakers are inferior to career women - do you even hear yourself when you say that? And most men are working the hard jobs, not office work - they have to do all the dirty stuff that gets them killed AT TEN TIMES THE RATE IN THE WORKFORCE.

You should have a panel where he is standing at her grave, being told he will be looked after for life - because that's the situation the women are in now thanks to the sacrifices of men.

As for men controlling all power - you do realise women got the vote PRETTY MUCH THE SAME DAY AS MEN DID. Voting was, at best, a toy of the rich and powerful - heck, women ran for political office without it, and centuries ago most US States had votes for women anyway.

Most voters are women. Whatever candidate wins is determined by women. Which is why pandering to the feminist lobby is such a big deal nowadays.

As for the male office worker being sexually harassed - YOU JUST SAID MEN WOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO WORK.

If you are looking at history, men were required to defend the honour of the womenfolk to the death. So are you going to have a panel where his mother, his sister, his daughter grabs a gun and blows that woman's head off? Of course not - victim narrative means men could never have done anything for women in your herstory.

In your minds, your grandmothers were the victims of your grandfathers, and so on, for every generation to the dawn of time.

All those women were just weak and pathetic, apparently!

As for the marketing woman who doesn't understand men - do you have the faintest idea how capitalism works? No. If you fail to appeal to your consumers, you lose, and your business fails. Businesses are ruthless meritocracies in that sense. Either they model the consumer's minds effectively or they cease to exist.

You think businesses deliberately failed to appeal to women? You do realise women always ran businesses - outside of your Mad Men fantasies, women worked out what women wanted and sold products accordingly?

As for "just a feminist" - this is actually the platform of groups like The Feminist Initiative, a political party in Sweden. And in Australia, feminist groups made it legal for men to be paid LESS PER HOUR than women for the same work - which is carried out in the ANZ Australia offices.

In the name of Feminism, with full support from the Feminist run Australian Human Rights Commission.

So it's not beyond Feminism - some extreme vision - THIS. IS. FEMINISM.

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