Friday, 16 October 2015

Why DO feminists insist men walk about in high heels anyway?

A reaction to

"You can't understand women's experiences until you wear their shoes!"

"I am. Women wear these shoes too."

"No, no - women's shoes are delicate, and have high heels!"

"Rubbish. You haven't lived in the country, have you mate? Men and women wear the same bloody shoes unless they are going out somewhere, and even then it's a matter of putting on your good shoes only when you have to."

"And in the city - it's office women who are choosing to wear heeled shoes - but you often see they are a damned sight cooler to wear than the ones men have to wear - plus the rest of the women's suit is, by jingo!"

No-one is making 'em.

They've got the freedom - more'n us blokes, I reckon!

"No, no - the Patriarchy is forcing women to wear high-heeled shoes! Do not deny the all-powerful Patriarchy!"

"Marge, whattaya wearing?"

"Me boots, you bloody drongo, whattaya think I'd be wearing?"

Woman road train driver with truck carrying 75 tonnes of tomatoes at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, South Australia -

"Boots? Like a.. a man? No.. she can't be.. it's... it's impossible! (*brain explodes*)

"Bill, will you look at this bloody mess? When will you learn to stop talking to Feminists? They can't handle it!"

"Too right Marge, but think of the free pig feed!"

Mixed in with grain, one feminist can feed many pigs, but care must be taken to let the hate air out first...

or the consequences can be alarming!

According to Feminists, these aren't 'real' women, because they aren't wearing women's shoes.

Well, here's the thing, you bastards...

Every woman is a real woman.

A lot of women don't wear high heels. Not wearing them, or wearing them, doesn't mean you can't understand their experience. Wearing a fashion item some men wear routinely in any case gives you no insight into anything.

Louis XIV- feminists think this fop must have magical empathy with women, because raisins.

You want to have real insight, feminists?

Strap on a hard hat.

Take the risks we do.

Don't forget to pack a black outfit. You walk in our shoes, you'll be going to more funerals.

Better pack a flag, just in case.

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