Sunday, 29 November 2015

40% of the rapists in a rape culture are women

The DRC is a place where there is a real Rape Culture; where raping enemies is normal as a means of torturing them, and as a sick entertainment.

"40% of the women — and 10% of the men — who said they were subjected to sexual violence were assaulted by a woman"

You will never hear about that from Feminists. They don't want to acknowledge that women can be evil.

The Duluth Model - the model they use in rape and domestic violence centres - holds that ALL violence is the fault of men.

This robs women of their humanity - and sets them up to be victims. If all men died, these rapes would continue - and feminists would just re-label female rapists "men".

How can a woman rape? “Some take sticks or a banana, others take a bottle or knives,” the U.N. employee explains. Her close friend’s daughter was violated repeatedly by a woman with a carrot who wanted “to spoil her body,” she says.

NO. Rape is sex without consent. Penetration is not required. A mother going down on her child is a rapist, even if her hymen is never broken.

“Their minds have altered,” says the Congolese U.N. employee...

Citation needed.
How does this person know this? Do they have access to Star Trek type medical scanners? Maybe they have just gone through the same experiences as the men, or are just evil like the men?

Maybe women are human - like men?

“Women who were raped for years are now raping other women.”

Citation needed.

She didn’t ask any of those women why they were doing it, or what their experiences were, and she doesn’t care whether or not the male rapists were also brutalised or indoctrinated.

Men are bad, women are victims - even when women are raping men and other women.

That is the Victim Narrative. That is Feminism.

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