Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Our Watch": An Aussie government funded, anti-free-speech, anti-male propaganda site

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human."

from "The Olive Tree", by Aldous Huxley (1936).

"Our Watch"

What do you notice about this?

It is paid for by government funds.

It claims to be "working to change community attitudes & encourage Australians to reject violence."

Now, straight away, we are told this will reject violence, and the presumption is that means violence against people.

Not plants, not even animals, but people - ALL people - not just people who are white, or black, gay or straight.

Now guess which group are NOT regarded as people?

"Our Watch has been established to drive nation-wide change in the culture, behaviours and attitudes that underpin and create violence against women and children."

Yup. Men. If violence is happening to you, well, you are in the same category as a plant or a possum. It's not their problem!

Because they are working from the Duluth Model, which holds that all violence is the fault of men, and all women are pure and innocent.

And if a woman slaughters her seven kids and her niece, why, some man must have made her - she can't be held responsible!

Men are always, always the enemy. It's #Feminism 101.

Recently, they changed the TOS of the page to silence any criticism.

Please note that your comment will be deleted and you may be blocked from our page if you:
• Disrespect another person on this page
• Deliberately attempt to derail the conversation
• You make another person on this page feel unsafe
• You diminish or minimise women’s experience of violence.
Disrespect another person on this page?

Why on Earth should I respect these people? Did they respect me? Of course not!

Way past time to get rid of the 'poor menz' brigade

Does that sound like respect to you?

Negativity can trigger stress in some survivors!
Uninformed opinion stated as fact. And of course, they don't want to have that challenged; facts are triggering, and reason is Patriarchy.

Sometimes the only way to reduce the power of misinformation is to censure [sic] it
Which is the claim of every authoritarian regime since the dawn of time.

Countries with free speech know that disinformation is demolished in the "marketplace of ideas", and it can only thrive if dissenting views are silenced - like this government organisation is doing.

You make another person on this page feel unsafe

Why the Hell is this here? Note: this has nothing to do with what sane people consider safety. If you make a reasonable threat, you can be pretty confident the boys in blue will be knocking on your door.

So this is about unreasonable threats. This is about the threat a bigot feels from the object of their loathing. A racist feels from a black man or woman, a homophobe feels from a gay or lesbian, or a sexist feels from a man, or a woman.

And this site is government funded sexism.

It discriminates against men actively, despite taking funds from everyone and claiming to serve the people... which is everyone, black and white, straight or gay, male and female..

You diminish or minimise women’s experience of violence

Woman: "OMG! That man looked at me! That's stare-rape!"

Man: "Looking at someone isn't rape."

Woman: "OMG! You minimised my experience of violence! Banned!"

 • ‘You are restricting freedom of speech’. Everyone is free to share their opinions if they are communicated in a respectful, productive way.
In other words, everyone is entitled to say anything that Feminists already agree with.

Barbara David

Fabulous! I was very disappointed when, early in the conversation Our Watch formally posted that speaking about violence against women, didn't mean that men weren't victims too.

No, I wasn't disappointed, I was livid. It sounded like an apology to the "men too" brigade, as if you had been persuaded by the trolls who were already telling us about their superior understanding of violence and manipulating with charm, false statistics, pleas for sympathy, manly assertiveness and an overwhelming insistence on "winning" the argument they had initiated ("domestic violence is NOT a gendered issue").

But I was wrong. Hallelujah! You really are a safe place, a refuge. Thank you for standing strong.

Szczepan Hołyszewski
Szczepan Hołyszewski

"Men too" is not a "brigade". It is a fact. Here, let me assert it: men too.

Barbara David
Barbara David OurWatch, please note that the above comment is in breach of your new guidelines.

Barbara David
Barbara David
You get it Kris! I believe that the new OurWatch guidelines are there to ensure we only get to interact with people like you and don't have to constantly pay attention to people who diminish the experience of women by insisting we pay attention to men as victims of abuse.

Feminist says "men are never victims", man says "well, they are", feminist minimises his experience of violence and calls for his removal.


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