Saturday, 14 November 2015

Shut the FUCK up, says Senator McCaskill, your 'constitutional freedoms' means nothing to us!

"as a woman, it's important for me to encourage women to run for office - and not just people, they must have matching genitalia"

"It's important for black men to just shut the hell up! and you gay men! and you bisexual men, shut it! Latino men, asian men, native american men, white men, and every other type of men, *SHUT UP*, YOUR SUPERIORS ARE TALKING... but feminism is totes about equality...."

"It's not that women don't value your thoughts, it's Feminists who don't value your thoughts"

"The world doesn't need your opinion, male scum! And stop comparing me to the Nazis, you Jewish male scum, or it'll be the ovens for you!"

"What women do with their bodies is not to be discussed - men of course, can be severely punished for doing things with their bodies like not labouring for women when women demand a divorce settlement, and not defending women when there's a war.

It's important to remember that men's bodies are the property of the State, and women have the ownership of theirs, because all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others"

"Your opinion as a man on how words should be pronounced should be silenced... only feminists can make those decisions - we control the language - didn't you notice when we took control of dictionaries?"

"You hobbies? We feminists want you silent - we don't care. Your preferences in clothes? Be silent, slave! We shall tell you what you may desire.. and by the way, you are too short, we don't date any guy less than 6 feet tall... "

I could go on, but the Senator seems to have an endless list of what men may not do or say.

Was there some sort of Constitution she was supposed to defend? As a Feminist, I guess, she doesn't have to worry about it; probably used it as toilet paper.

As for the argument this is satire..

No, it's not. She'd have to satirising a fascist to do it. She genuinely believes at least some of what she's saying, she just ducks behind the shield of satire.

Every time she says man, remember, she means black men, she means gay men, she means jewish men - yet if anyone said that about those groups they'd be rightly vilified as a bigot - and unless they were wearing some outfit that communicated context of parody, it'd be perfectly reasonable to make that assumption.

She's wearing the outfit of a Senator. She's not dressing as Big Red or whatever.

I see no reason not to take her words at face value. They are routinely expressed by feminists.

Position on Key Issues

McCaskill is 100% pro-choice and has been a reliable vote on reproductive rights and family planning issues. Committed to pay equity and women's rights issues.

Another perspective:

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