Sunday, 13 December 2015

The ABC bias is ever more blatant

When I say the ABC is biased, people are usually confused by what type of bias I refer to. They think of it as left-wing perhaps (which it is by staffing, overwhelmingly) although I actually see it as somewhat fairer than you'd expect in that matter.

A survey of over 600 Australian journalists, conducted by a senior academic from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, has cast a revealing light on the political beliefs of Australian journalists.

It shows that over 40 per cent of ABC journalists support the Greens, over 30 per cent support Labor, and just 15 per cent support the Coalition.

Liberal and National voices are, despite this, occasionally heard on their programs, and there is criticism of Labor governments when they are in power. In that left-right political axis, they do make some effort at fairness, at least.

Compare the topic of "antifeminist". Doesn't exist according to the ABC? Yet at least antifeminism gets some representation from other news sources.

Now, imagine if their stories had that many topics which were pro-Labor, for example. And none that were pro-Liberal.

Yet most people aren't Feminists. The ABC, supposedly "Australia's most trusted source of local, national and world news", only represents a minority PoV. It doesn't acknowledge any other perspective, except occasionally with quotes from their ideological enemies, demonising the alternatives.

It's like if it only reflect the viewpoints of Muslims, and if anyone disagreed with that, and asked for other voices to be heard, they responded with "but why do you hate Arabs? You must hate Arabs, if you aren't pro-Islamic!"

It's a manipulative tactic, a deflection, but one that has served them well.

Here's a typical example of an ABC story.

"The resource has ruffled some feathers before even being released publicly, with criticisms from men's rights groups..."

So do they interview any of those groups? Or even quote the criticisms? Open the market place of ideas?

Heavens, no! They will only ever interview Feminists on why opposition to them is wrong, naturally!

Can you imagine if they were to do this with the Liberals and Labor members? If every time Liberals spoke up against Labor policies, the ABC would interview someone from Labor, who would inevitably dismiss their opponents as reactionaries and lunatics, instead of ever printing the Liberal Party PoV?

p.s. there was a very good video on the erasure of men in the media - for example, reporting one hundred sailors drowned, instead of one hundred men drowned - even though all the sailors were men - which is followed by the emphasis on the victimisation of women.

Boko Haram slaughtered tens of thousands of school boys, for example - and the ABC etc never even reported it. They became frantic when a few hundred school girls were kidnapped, however.

The video was there for years, but Feminists complained about it constantly, and Youtube crumbled. And so that antifeminist voice was silenced.

Most people aren't Feminists. They do not believe there is some global conspiracy by men against women. But they are isolated - they never hear from others like themselves. They are manipulated, and their sources of information are controlled.

We, men and women, want to protect women - and we are constantly told by the media that if we do not support Feminism, then women will be hurt.

The Feminist always says: "if you don't love Feminism, the bunny will get it, and it will be your fault."

Don't let them twist you.

Don't let them get away with their lies.

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