Thursday, 3 December 2015

Exams are misogynistic if men are better at taking them?

Minister declares that exams must be reworked
until men fail more than women.

"The entrance exam for medical and dental remains deeply misogynistic. "

It exhibits hatred for women? Does it force them into a worse life on the basis of their birth?
"Flemish Minister for Education Hilde Crevits (CD & V) will make the exam sift through to see where the girls stumble."

So it doesn't matter that the exam is the same for everyone - it matters that the outcome be that your preferred group does better. Why not just pass anyone with a vagina, if that's your goal?

Tell me that's not what you are going to do...

"Throughout our teaching girls do better than boys.. it appears in all of higher education that girls are more successful than boys."

And feminists are totally happy with that outcome! Feminism is Equality!(TM). But some are more equal than others!

" But in the entrance examination for the studies (tooth) doctor showing just the opposite, says Flemish Parliament Tine Soens (SP.A)."

Oh no! Men are surviving despite all the things we do to them!

" Soens find it unfair and therefore wants to test thoroughly rework."

Imagine whites and blacks were doing exams, and the blacks were doing worse until they got to the last exam - where they did better. And the Minister for Whites announced that the exam would have to be reworked until white people did better.

No-one would doubt that that Minister belonged to a racist hate movement.

Feminism is a hate movement.

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