Saturday, 30 January 2016

ANZ claims males are inferior - and call that equality?

"While neuroscience shows girls' brains develop ahead of boys, this advantage is not maintained through life, with women too often falling behind."

So the chain of logic is that

a) girls brains develop faster

b) boys catch up

Therefore, despite absolutely no supporting evidence, they decide that that means girls are somehow persecuted?

By what?

Biology? Is Biology.. Patriarchy?!!!


#equalfuture, says the organisation that pays men less than women for the same work.

#equalfuture, says the organisation that sees males as innately inferior to females, and all biological evidence to the contrary as simply proof of their oppression.

This is the equality that #Feminism promises - the equality of Animal Farm, all animals are equal - but some are more equal than others.

This is why I fight Feminism. Look at the comments. No Feminist is critical of the doublethink. Instead, there are men arguing "yes, we are inferior!"

Feminism drives men and boys into the dirt. It pushes men to suicide, it pushes men to turn away from the world and give up on getting anywhere in it.

And it hurts women, too, because despite Feminist doctrine, there are a lot of women who want men in their lives, and are terribly hurt to lose a partner or a husband or a son to suicide.

I look at the Feminists I know who have sons, and I despair. How can you love these boys - while raising them to be victims? Teaching them that they are inferior, that their place is as willing slaves to women, #HeForShe?

And yet Feminists will always make excuses. It feels good to be a Feminist; you are told how superior you are simply for being born.

And when you stand at the funeral, and see the casket lowered, I wonder - what consolation will that be?

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