Saturday, 9 January 2016

Assorted Fallout 4 Settlement Piccies

I told the robots to herd the cattle back for milking.

Might have been a mistake. Herding, they don't get. Stacking, yes.

Supermutants attack a settlement. Bad move.

They run. Not fast enough.

My army returning afterwards. Humans, ghouls, and robots, all united in their love of carnage.

I really wish the Assaultrons'd cool down before coming inside, I'm running out of fire extinguishers.

My garage - Cait photobombs. She really doesn't understand my obsession with photography.

Move it, girl!

Thank you!

The sky's a'changin'. Might have to move the car under cover - whoops, forgot to build the drive way. No worries, I'll carry it. Time to hit the power armour!

Cait reminds me of how I got it up there. She's a dab hand with that thing.

... and on the other side, my favourite vehicle!

I haven't got it working... yet.

Oh, the Vertibird? Yah, works fine. It's how I got the thing here. The BoS might be a bunch of racist ...(speciest?)... jerks.. but they do make nice stuff.

You can see their Zeppelin thing in the background, upper right.

No, it's not mine. Not unless they start being naughty!

Now... I didn't arrange them like this. Just came up the hill and found them. Not sure if they are organising a revolution - or a dance.

Don't ask me what's happening to the breeze there... only one flag affected? Maybe the big robot out front glued it down - must be boring being on sentry duty all the time!

The caravans stop over there, by the trees grown from Institute seedlings. Did I mention I reprogrammed the 1st gen Synths to help me evacuate that place? And armed them with sedative dart guns? So almost all the humans and 3rd gen Synths survived?

Because I'm not an idiot, or a genocidal maniac, like certain factions I could mention?

Just thought I'd mention that.

Merry Xmas, one and all!

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