Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Review of Fallout Mod "Spring Cleaning", by Nverjos

Spring Cleaning

I decided I just had to give this mod another go, and didn't get the CTD I had before. This is one of the things I find makes me cynical about people who say we shoudn't worry about problems with a game, because modders will fix it.

Yes, modders can fix a section, that will break another if combined with a mod that fixes another section, and no, the game devs will not help you to sort it out.

We shouldn't need mods to get the basic game working properly, and removing the old housing, and landscaping the terrain, should be basic functions.

And it's the latter I have problems with in Croup Manor. It's a horrible settlement location.

Ghouls spawn inside the building, so it makes sense to seal it up, or at least level the building - but i find settlers appear inside sealed off sections, because raisins.

So I tried removing the building - only to find that leaves a steep hole that all the settlers run into - they are greatly attracted to it, maybe there's a gravitational anomaly. I tried sealing in the hole with foundations, but the game won't let you do that.

It's frustrating that I can build a reactor, but I can't pour concrete or even shovel dirt into the holes! I have to wonder why Bethesda overlooked that.

So I had to reload the game

- no undo function in the game, because it's a console game and you should be glad they let PC users use it at all, no, they aren't going to take advantage of a keyboard, console controls are enough for everybody, godammit!

-and install turrets next to ghoul spawn locations.

Ugh! What a kludge.

This mod would probably work best with a new game, as it's a pain to try and clean up the rubbish after you have placed buildings on top of it (and the rubbish often clips through floors and walls). It works well in Sanctuary and the Castle, as well as the Drive-In.

With the latter, I wasn't happy that I couldn't replace the dirty bench sections of the cafe area with clean ones - perhaps another modder could find a substitute.

Care must be taken in Red Rocket as you can remove some of the items that give the place flavour.

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