Monday, 11 January 2016

Testing of the Inter-settlement Teleportation Network

All photographs curtesy of Cait, showing off her powered armour flying skeelz.

Some last second repairs to the Drive-In Settlement teleporter taking place - while I'm in the middle of it..

Am I worried? It's not like the beam is live and I could die horribly - oh wait - it is!

My life flashes before my eyes. Two hundred years of it involved being frozen in a cryopod. Yay?

I hear Cait take off. I hope she doesn't get caught up in the power lines again.

The techie says he's good to go; he was a scientist, pre-war, working on something of the precursor to this, and between him, Sturges, Tinker Tom and PAM's calculations, we think it'll work.

The Emergency Medical Facilities at Icehouse Base are our first port of call. Then, Castle Headquarters.

There's talk of finding a way to use this to access Prydwen with strike teams if we need to, but I'm not too keen on that; even tethered, the damn thing moves too much for my liking.

But there's no reason they couldn't be working on this tech too - can we really wait until they beam nukes into our bedrooms?

It's now or never. Across the Commonwealth I go.

Mods used here:

Rebuild Molecular Beam Emitter by Kevin Fitzgerald

Robot Home Defence by TheTalkieToaster

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