Saturday, 27 February 2016

Medical Cannabis still to be illegal despite government promises

Cancer sufferer Jack Richards having a blood transfusion at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

I read up on the proposed 'legalisation' here of medical cannabis.

It's a hoax, alas. They are allowing some patients to use an 'extract' with one or maybe two of the chemicals from the cannabis plant.

I doubt that will have better than a placebo effect.

Then, of course, if it fails, they will say "this proves cannabis has no medical value".

Classic bait and switch tactics.


Something else helped too: the occasional joint.

"You're able to get through the time with a little bit less trouble," he said. "You can never really get back to normal. It's just a little bit of relief that might make you able to stomach some food.""

Note: He is saying a joint is effective. Is their idea of medical 'cannabis' a joint? Of course not, silly! No joints for the dying, that would be rude. 'Extracts' - a pill that costs a lot of money and has no proven effect - will be allowed to him. Bad luck if it doesn't work, he should have started dying somewhere else.

"We really wanted to come up with a form of 'cannabis' that would be acceptable to patients," said Associate Professor Peter Grimison​, as he ignored the requests of his patients in favour of the lovely donations of pharmaceutical companies.

SocJus calls for a new genocide - starting with the Jews? archived 27 Feb 2016 00:58:33 UTC from

Joy Karega is a prominent Feminist - she has eliminated her social media so this can't be directly confirmed but if you examine this and search by her surname, you'll see she is an honoured guest at their conferences.

I've been saying this for a while - the postulate of 'Patriarchy' is a copy/paste from old Nazi propaganda, and they really should be done for plagiarism. Jewish men are still the enemy in Feminist  writings. If you look at old Nazi propaganda, they never focussed on Jewish women as being the enemy, any more than Feminism does.

Jews are copping it from the Right and the Left now. The Right says they aren't white - and so the enemy - and the left says they ARE white - and so evil incarnate, because all whites are The Devil (except white female feminists, naturally).

You cannot win with these people!

Recently, Buzzfeed, a flagship for Feminist thought now, did a special where they asked SocJus what they thought of white people. The disgust on their faces was identical to that of antisemitics discussing Jews or homophobes discussing homosexuals.

And it's important to remember - Jewish people are white! Unless you are a neo-nazi or KKK, in which case they are magically un-white, because raisins.

But Feminists will argue that they cannot be racist, since they defined racism as "something other people do but not Feminists".

They make constantly excuses to reward themselves for being bigots and inciting race hatred. They use the term Patriarchy in exactly the same way the antisemites used "The Elders of Zion" as their bogeyman. Something never proven - something so 'true' that even questioning it marks you as one of the enemy to them.

"I don't engage with the term Feminazi", said the Feminist in her Jackboots.

"I don't engage with the term Feminazi."

Yet you have no problem with the actions Feminists take that are analogous to National Socialism. By the way, the Nazis never confessed to wanting genocide. Feminists boast about it openly. What does that tell you?

" It's antisemitic by belittling the suffering of an entire religion."

Clever! It's 'antisemitic' to criticise behaviour that led to a Holocaust! What a sneaky way to deflect attention from the behaviour that could lead to a repeat of one of the most atrocious events of history.

"Feminism is not equitable to Nazism."

Any more than Nazism was the same as Communism - despite Communism killing more people. Nevertheless, it is obsessed with race - whiteness being the tainted colour in inversion to the Nazi ideology.

(the Jews now get it from the left AND the right, being too white for the Feminists and not white enough for the fascists!)

" If it were you, Kennedy, would be in a camp. "

Rubbish. That was endgame. The build up to the Holocaust was subtle. Depending on how you look at it, it either took decades or centuries of demonisation by antisemitics.

Do that year after year, decade after decade, until people are conditioned to see women as "strong and empowered", men as "pedophiles and rapists". Do that long enough - and building the ovens becomes inevitable.

Have Scientists really grown FULLY Functioning Sperm?

This is sourced from

"The effective production of functional gametes in culture would not only provide a system to investigate the genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors that shape germ cell development but may also lead to clinical approaches addressing infertility resulting from defects in gametogenesis."

"MAY" - it's hypothetical.

" the full recapitulation of spermatogenesis in vitro to produce functional haploid male gametes has not yet been achieved but is highly anticipated."

IFLS said it was fully functional?

IFL Science was lying. It lies, because it has an agenda. It is run by manhaters, and fantasising about genocide is one of their obsessions. This stuff is endlessly recycled by Feminists, and has been since the 1960s, when numerous books about eliminating men were written (e.g. "The Female Man").

They keep coming up with reports on how men are obsolete - although precisely how they will end us seems to be beyond them. Extrapolating from current activities, their big plan seems to be to talk us into killing ourselves.

"Under our culture conditions, the ESC-derived PGCLCs failed to differentiate into SSCs capable of self-renewal in vitro, evident from the absence of SSC-specific genes in PGCLC-derived germ cells.

We presume that the in vitro culture system lacks features of the testicular microenvironment at the basement membrane required for SSC maintenance..."

This is the opposite of how they were reporting it.

And IFLS were claiming that the offspring were perfect - there's no study of whether the offspring would be more likely to carry genetic faults that would appear in future generations.

This would be catastrophic in humans. We already have genetic diseases which result in dying early, sometimes just after birth or sometimes after decades of a healthy life where we can already have passed on the defective genes.

To use these techniques is to be likely creating new versions of Down's Syndrome, Autism, Schizophrenia, and Huntington's disease.

" As the disease advances, uncoordinated, jerky body movements become more apparent, along with a decline in mental abilities and behavioral symptoms.[1] Physical abilities gradually worsen until coordinated movement becomes difficult.

Mental abilities generally decline into dementia.

Complications such as pneumonia, heart disease, and physical injury from falls reduce life expectancy to around twenty years from the point at which symptoms begin. Physical symptoms can begin at any age from infancy to old age, but usually begin between 35 and 44 years of age. "'s_disease

Friday, 19 February 2016

Youtube, Fair use, and false copyright claims

Listen to my Fallout clip from 14:10 to 14:53.

Youtube monetisation is very interesting and unpleasant. There are companies which canvas the internet for anything they can claim, despite not owning the content themselves. There was a few seconds of music from a computer game in the background of a clip and a company auto-issued ownership of my entire clip.

Now by Youtube rules, if i don't dispute this immediately, the claimant owns my stuff. If it's found in my favour - the company can re-issue the claim, again and again. No penalty exists for false claims. And they make millions - from doing nothing. It's automated. The companies don't create any content - they just steal from the hard work of others.

(Not sure if the Nostalgia Critic gets the revenue properly if a video is embedded - they didn't disable it, which is an option - but if you do like that clip, just click "watch on Youtube" and 'like' from there.)

Listen to my Fallout clip from 14:10 to 14:53.

It's clearly fair use; it's noisy and has voices all over it - there's just no goddamn way someone is going to think "I don't have to buy that tune now because i can listen to this 43 second clip instead!"

(Ironically, I found complete studio quality reproductions all over Youtube, so actual musicians themselves benefit not at all from the attack on my channel - presumably real pirates have no trouble creating new Youtube channels at a whim)

Computer games use music all the time - do we have to silence all the sounds? I can turn off music for future clips for this particular game - but if i wanted to talk about the music for the original game of Civilisation, I couldn't do so on Youtube - 43 seconds would be more than enough for some company that never makes music to say it owns my fifty minute review.

I think we are seeing the beginning of the end for Youtube. There's really no alternative service for home content creators at the moment, so this saddens me.

With the collapse of social media into Feminist-owned 'SafeSpace', it's going to be very difficult to get people to find content hosted elsewhere in any case. Unless it's SocJus approved, naturally.

Someone else found the same problem when they were live streaming from the game.

Also, see below - please follow back to Youtube to 'like', and to see the impressive collection of links they assembled for more information.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

"Men must service our needs! Because that's what equality MEANS!"

"We need to teach people what consent means."

You assume only your movement knows what it is and everyone elsewhere has it wrong. You never question this assumption - you just *believe*.

"I'm so tired of the "not all men" argument"

Which doesn't make it false. 2+2=4 regardless of how that makes you feel.


Congratulations, you haven't murdered any of your babies lately.

" don't discredit the MILLIONS of men (and women for those of you who just can't stand for a post to be exclusively about women only"

You just had to add that bit, didn't you.

Feminist: "We are an equality movement! We care about all women equally!"

Non-Feminist : "But what about the men then..."

Feminist: "SHUT IT, WORM!"

"Stand up for us"

No. If you weren't a hypocrite, you'd realise that equality means you help us and we help you. Instead, you portray us as some evil collective, and demand us all protect you from the few who are evil.


We are free. We shall decide who deserves our protection. Besides, after decades of telling us that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", suddenly you want a spin on our wheels?

HeForShe is just traditionalism without any of the benefits. We ain't taking a bullet for you. You don't deserve it. Go fight your own battles.

"Realize that women get raped all the time"

They don't, so we won't.

2=2=4. The answer won't change just because it's inconvenient, or because it hurts your feelings, or because you are scared of the numbers.

"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows."
1984 by George Orwell, Part 1, Chapter 7, pg. 84.

"at a lot more of an alarming rate than men."

False in the United States but the thing is, Mary P Koss et al made damn sure to keep it off the books, and feminist media consistently sweeps it under the rug.

Might want to look up an old film called "Rape culture" - made by Feminists - the irony is the term was about a culture that allowed MEN to be raped.

" In society, we blame the victim who is a woman. "

Rubbish. A woman who claims to have been raped has often had the accused murdered on the spot. Courts will treat her far more gently than any other accuser, and less evidence is required for a conviction. So long as it's a woman accusing a man, of course.

"Get off your high horse"

We ain't yer White Knight. Fight your own damned battles.

" if you aren't helping, you ARE apart of the problem."

So any black woman who doesn't stop black women committing crimes is equally responsible? How very interesting! I look forward to your preaching your philosophy to them!

"Make a post about the (far less but still important) victims that are men"

In Feminism, all are equal - but some are more equal than others.

Further Reading

Feminist change US law to make all heterosexual sex rape - for the men only, of course.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

National Geographic goes Full Retard archived at

Good grief. Several of these in a few days?

"Why are there so few women today in STEM fields" in the West, when it's normal for them to choose those in non-Feminist countries?

Here's an idea:


"how does that affect research"?

You think there's male physics and female physics? That carbon will react differently in the presence of ovaries?

"Here's why it's more important than ever to make science relevant to girls"

Because despite ever increasing scholarships for girls only, ever degrading standards for boys' education and a hostile environment for young men, women just don't choose the jobs you think they should?

"I know as time goes on, she'll feel increasingly lonely as a girl who's interested in math and science"

So she can't relate to anyone of a different sex? Jeez. If only there was some sort of network of networks, so that she could chat with people with the right genital type.

If only. One day!

"Women now make up half the national workforce, earn more college and graduate degrees than men".. and still Feminists conclude that women are being persecuted.

Should no male at all be allowed into education - still Feminists will blame every shortcoming in their lives on men.

"many cultural forces continue to stand in the way"

according to your paranoid imagination - you might as well say those evil Jews are holding the good Aryan folk back, you have as much evidence for that.

" girls being steered toward other professions "

BY WHO? WHO IS WHISPERING THESE THINGS INTO THEIR EARS? How is the Patriarchy exerting this mind control at a time when men have less say in families than any other stage in human history? When male teacher is nearly an oxymoron? How does this even work?

"So what difference does it make when there is a lack of women in science? "

Sentence is deliberately constructed with the conclusion as it's premise. It never allows that there might NOT be a lack - that if women choose not to do something of their own free will, that doesn't make their decision WRONG.

" countless women with heart disease have been misdiagnosed in emergency rooms"

Yet far more men die of it - strange how you don't care about that, it's almost as if you saw men as inferiors.

" Women also have suffered disproportionately more side effects from various medications,"

1) Gender is a social construct
2) Gender determines how medications work.


Here's an idea, one you skirt around but never acknowledge.


It's not surprising they pick different careers given a choice.


(skips over a bunch of things claimed as fact but unreferenced)

" to harness the creative power of sex and gender analysis to discover new things."

Absolutely nothing has been invented by  Gender Studies - it does not use the principles of falsifiability or skeptical peer review. Instead, it promotes "Listen and Believe".

There's nothing - nothing at all - that they have produced, any more than the gurus could produce levitation mats. It is a matter of faith - it is the opposite of science.

"Marie Curie, the Polish-born French physicist, here seated in her laboratory, was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the first person to win twice."

And she did all of it without Feminism, and by working with her husband.


" as more women get involved in the sciences—or any field historically dominated by men—the general knowledge in that field tends to expand"

Where is your evidence?

" lots of places"

Really? Show me where it was proven. Because creationists say their stuff was proven "lots of places" too.

"The Internet's "Bro-Coding" Culture"?

How things are in reality:

How Social Justice Warriors think programmers are like.. what's weirder, they think the person on the right is the one most likely a programmer...

Ok, NatGeo, now you have not just jumped the shark but the rest of the bloody piscine pool.


This is idiocy. This... is #SocJus.

And I'm done. I've been buying NatGeo since I were a wee lad. Never again.

Have fun preaching to an ever diminishing audience of cultists.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Woman proves IS crime profitable - so long as you can play the Damsel!

She would easily have made more than $800 from this. Who says crime doesn't pay?

"Finn was standing nearby, apparently asking the waiting media throng: "What do I have to do to get on the news?""

So the violence was premeditated.

"She had been encouraged by waiting media, Brand said, to do something. "

Oh well, how could she say no? It's not like she's an adult or anything.

"A member of the press even held her handbag while she approached the officer and delivered a shove that would be watched more than a million times."

So it wasn't a question of an impulsive act.

"She has been subject to vilification in the press... She has been threatened on social media, mostly by men your honour."

OMG! So what happened when she reported the threats to the police?

Nothing. Because she didn't. I'm betting a lot of it was "if you try to knock me down, I will knock you down". Oh heavens! Someone treating a lady as if she were a gentlemen! How dare they?

She just plays the Damsel in Distress when it suits her. And the judge rewarded that, because for her $800, she now has celebrity status. Yay?

Sarah Finn was surrounded by media as she left court.

Shortly before going off to the celebratory drinkie-poos, perhaps?

Friday, 5 February 2016

Feminists call for a new Holocaust

Is this article serious or satire?

Do the commentators think it is satire, or do they think it's funny that threatening to murder all the Jewish boys in the world offends Jewish men?

Why do they even want to kill all black men?

gay men? All crippled men, all trans men?

All men?

And every little boy that has every lived?

How do you build a holocaust? You don't build the ovens in a night. You build the walls in the heart of the people first.

You brick, brick, brick up all compassion for the ones you despise, you make them see the Other as Enemy, as vile, as cockroaches to be stomped on, vermin to be eradicated.

"Women, on the other hand, are experiencing toxic masculinity — something that has been actively destroying the world since our first human ancestors, standing upon two legs, started walking around Africa three million years ago."
This is called a Victim Narrative. You paint your kind as the innocent victim of the malevolent Other.

Here we see C. H. Sommers lecturing against this perverted paranoia. She is regarded as a heretic because of this.

In a Victim Narrative, your readers and fellow believers are to be flattered, seduced - tell them they are imbued with superhuman qualities - they love to hear how wonderful they are!

They are strong, empowered, stunning and brave.

- the Others are subhuman parasites. To be feared, to be hated.

They are rapists. They are beasts.

If only someone would save you from them?!!
"The German nation has no feeling of hatred toward England, America or France. All it wants is peace and quiet. But these other nations are continually being stirred up to hatred of Germany and the German people by Jewish and non-Jewish agitators."

In a speech which Streicher made in 1922 in Nürnberg, after abusing the Jews in his first sentences, he is reported as going on to say:
“We know that Germany will be free when the Jew has been excluded from the life of the German people."

In another speech in 1924 he stated: 

"I beg you and particularly those of you who carry the cross throughout the land to become somewhat more serious when I speak of the enemy of the German people, namely, the Jew. Not out of irresponsibility or for fun do I fight against the Jewish enemy, but because I bear within me the knowledge that the whole misfortune was brought to Germany by the Jews alone.

I ask you once more, what is at stake today? The Jew seeks domination not only among the German people but among all peoples. The communists pave the way for him. Do you not know that the God of the Old Testament orders the Jews to consume and enslave the peoples of the earth?

"The government allows the Jew to do as he pleases. The people expect action to be taken. You may think about Adolf Hitler as you please, but one thing you must admit. He possessed the courage to attempt to free the German people from the Jew by a national revolution. That was action indeed."

In a further speech in April 1925, Streicher declared:

"You must realize that the Jew wants our people to perish. That is why you must join us and leave those who have brought you nothing but war, inflation, and discord. For thousands of years the Jew has been destroying the nations. Let us make a new beginning today so that we can annihilate the Jews."

This appears to be the earliest expression of one of the conspirators' primary objectives -- the annihilation of the Jewish race.

Fourteen years later it became the official policy of the Nazi Government.

Repeat that message, over and over and over.

Year, after year, after year.

Brick, brick, brick.

And that's how you help build The Wall.

If you want to erase all compassion for a people, erase anything good said about them in literature, in media.

Erase them in that way and you can kill them without anything but disgust that they even existed.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Feminism and Social Media Censorship

Wow. Facebook censored a post.

Partial archive - taken after censorship - here.

The context is Victoria Clark had accused someone of being a rapist. I kept pointing out she had no evidence to back her, she certainly wouldn't talk to the police - but she kept up the slander.

Then she decided he was guilty of perpetuating "rape culture", which was somehow the same thing, and I called her out for it and other lies.

And she reported it and FB closed it down - despite nothing here being broken.

The only thing I did was hurt her feelings, or at least so the claim goes, but

Oh yes, she was clearly devastated by my words. So she played the Damsel in Distress to Facebook, cried her crocodile tears, then afterwards boasts of not being affected at all.

It's a typical Feminist attack to claim to be so easily wounded the Princess of the pea story would go "girl, you gotta grow a thicker skin"!

So why was the complaint successful?

Facebook, and social media generally, had pressure on it by Feminist groups to have watchdogs placed on it for harassment.

Who did they appoint as our moral guardians?


Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen-house.


Of course, Feminists are a bunch of book-burning bastards, and they do love censorship and doublethink, and the idea of fairly treating such disputes according to the written rules is anathema.

So I wouldn't be surprised if my account is closed - despite never having broken any rule - by someone who clearly is breaking not just the rules but the laws.

Will Facebook become something where the unwritten rule is to placate Feminists? I can't see it lasting after that.

Monday, 1 February 2016

TL;DR - Feminists Getting Triggered #Dictionarygate Notes.

Mirror of TL;DR's notes for the video

TL;DR - Feminists Getting Triggered #Dictionarygate

Mirrored at :

Published on 30 Jan 2016
[EDIT: 30/01/16]
It has come to my attention that this video may be being flagged as 'harassment' in an orchestrated attempt to silence it ( Feel free to download this video for your own private records just in case this happens. Please do not contact @OmanReagan regarding this video or this issue.

[EDIT2: 31/01/16]

It has come to my attention that this video has had a privacy complaint leveled against it for supposedly revealing personal information between time code 4:00-4:06. A response to this accusation can be found here (

This privacy complaint will be fought under the youtube terms of fair use which state "Examples that would not violate our privacy guidelines include gamer tags, avatar names, and address information in which the individual is not named.

We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation."

The key words here are "public interest" and "newsworthiness". Changing the dictionary examples is certainly newsworthy and of public interest as can be seen by the myriad of news sites covering the story below (all of which also link back to the twitter profile that this privacy claim is being leveled against).

Criticizing someone's position using their own standard of evidence and showing a different point of view and adding information to a discussion is not harassment. Listing your sources of information for total transparency so that they can be fact checked by the public domain is not harassment or a privacy violation.

Please do not contact @OmanReagan regarding this video or this issue.

Sources used in no particular order:

"Doctor" of Divinity: