Friday, 5 February 2016

Feminists call for a new Holocaust

Is this article serious or satire?

Do the commentators think it is satire, or do they think it's funny that threatening to murder all the Jewish boys in the world offends Jewish men?

Why do they even want to kill all black men?

gay men? All crippled men, all trans men?

All men?

And every little boy that has every lived?

How do you build a holocaust? You don't build the ovens in a night. You build the walls in the heart of the people first.

You brick, brick, brick up all compassion for the ones you despise, you make them see the Other as Enemy, as vile, as cockroaches to be stomped on, vermin to be eradicated.

"Women, on the other hand, are experiencing toxic masculinity — something that has been actively destroying the world since our first human ancestors, standing upon two legs, started walking around Africa three million years ago."
This is called a Victim Narrative. You paint your kind as the innocent victim of the malevolent Other.

Here we see C. H. Sommers lecturing against this perverted paranoia. She is regarded as a heretic because of this.

In a Victim Narrative, your readers and fellow believers are to be flattered, seduced - tell them they are imbued with superhuman qualities - they love to hear how wonderful they are!

They are strong, empowered, stunning and brave.

- the Others are subhuman parasites. To be feared, to be hated.

They are rapists. They are beasts.

If only someone would save you from them?!!
"The German nation has no feeling of hatred toward England, America or France. All it wants is peace and quiet. But these other nations are continually being stirred up to hatred of Germany and the German people by Jewish and non-Jewish agitators."

In a speech which Streicher made in 1922 in Nürnberg, after abusing the Jews in his first sentences, he is reported as going on to say:
“We know that Germany will be free when the Jew has been excluded from the life of the German people."

In another speech in 1924 he stated: 

"I beg you and particularly those of you who carry the cross throughout the land to become somewhat more serious when I speak of the enemy of the German people, namely, the Jew. Not out of irresponsibility or for fun do I fight against the Jewish enemy, but because I bear within me the knowledge that the whole misfortune was brought to Germany by the Jews alone.

I ask you once more, what is at stake today? The Jew seeks domination not only among the German people but among all peoples. The communists pave the way for him. Do you not know that the God of the Old Testament orders the Jews to consume and enslave the peoples of the earth?

"The government allows the Jew to do as he pleases. The people expect action to be taken. You may think about Adolf Hitler as you please, but one thing you must admit. He possessed the courage to attempt to free the German people from the Jew by a national revolution. That was action indeed."

In a further speech in April 1925, Streicher declared:

"You must realize that the Jew wants our people to perish. That is why you must join us and leave those who have brought you nothing but war, inflation, and discord. For thousands of years the Jew has been destroying the nations. Let us make a new beginning today so that we can annihilate the Jews."

This appears to be the earliest expression of one of the conspirators' primary objectives -- the annihilation of the Jewish race.

Fourteen years later it became the official policy of the Nazi Government.

Repeat that message, over and over and over.

Year, after year, after year.

Brick, brick, brick.

And that's how you help build The Wall.

If you want to erase all compassion for a people, erase anything good said about them in literature, in media.

Erase them in that way and you can kill them without anything but disgust that they even existed.

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