Saturday, 27 February 2016

Have Scientists really grown FULLY Functioning Sperm?

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"The effective production of functional gametes in culture would not only provide a system to investigate the genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors that shape germ cell development but may also lead to clinical approaches addressing infertility resulting from defects in gametogenesis."

"MAY" - it's hypothetical.

" the full recapitulation of spermatogenesis in vitro to produce functional haploid male gametes has not yet been achieved but is highly anticipated."

IFLS said it was fully functional?

IFL Science was lying. It lies, because it has an agenda. It is run by manhaters, and fantasising about genocide is one of their obsessions. This stuff is endlessly recycled by Feminists, and has been since the 1960s, when numerous books about eliminating men were written (e.g. "The Female Man").

They keep coming up with reports on how men are obsolete - although precisely how they will end us seems to be beyond them. Extrapolating from current activities, their big plan seems to be to talk us into killing ourselves.

"Under our culture conditions, the ESC-derived PGCLCs failed to differentiate into SSCs capable of self-renewal in vitro, evident from the absence of SSC-specific genes in PGCLC-derived germ cells.

We presume that the in vitro culture system lacks features of the testicular microenvironment at the basement membrane required for SSC maintenance..."

This is the opposite of how they were reporting it.

And IFLS were claiming that the offspring were perfect - there's no study of whether the offspring would be more likely to carry genetic faults that would appear in future generations.

This would be catastrophic in humans. We already have genetic diseases which result in dying early, sometimes just after birth or sometimes after decades of a healthy life where we can already have passed on the defective genes.

To use these techniques is to be likely creating new versions of Down's Syndrome, Autism, Schizophrenia, and Huntington's disease.

" As the disease advances, uncoordinated, jerky body movements become more apparent, along with a decline in mental abilities and behavioral symptoms.[1] Physical abilities gradually worsen until coordinated movement becomes difficult.

Mental abilities generally decline into dementia.

Complications such as pneumonia, heart disease, and physical injury from falls reduce life expectancy to around twenty years from the point at which symptoms begin. Physical symptoms can begin at any age from infancy to old age, but usually begin between 35 and 44 years of age. "'s_disease

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