Saturday, 27 February 2016

"I don't engage with the term Feminazi", said the Feminist in her Jackboots.

"I don't engage with the term Feminazi."

Yet you have no problem with the actions Feminists take that are analogous to National Socialism. By the way, the Nazis never confessed to wanting genocide. Feminists boast about it openly. What does that tell you?

" It's antisemitic by belittling the suffering of an entire religion."

Clever! It's 'antisemitic' to criticise behaviour that led to a Holocaust! What a sneaky way to deflect attention from the behaviour that could lead to a repeat of one of the most atrocious events of history.

"Feminism is not equitable to Nazism."

Any more than Nazism was the same as Communism - despite Communism killing more people. Nevertheless, it is obsessed with race - whiteness being the tainted colour in inversion to the Nazi ideology.

(the Jews now get it from the left AND the right, being too white for the Feminists and not white enough for the fascists!)

" If it were you, Kennedy, would be in a camp. "

Rubbish. That was endgame. The build up to the Holocaust was subtle. Depending on how you look at it, it either took decades or centuries of demonisation by antisemitics.

Do that year after year, decade after decade, until people are conditioned to see women as "strong and empowered", men as "pedophiles and rapists". Do that long enough - and building the ovens becomes inevitable.

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