Saturday, 27 February 2016

Medical Cannabis still to be illegal despite government promises

Cancer sufferer Jack Richards having a blood transfusion at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

I read up on the proposed 'legalisation' here of medical cannabis.

It's a hoax, alas. They are allowing some patients to use an 'extract' with one or maybe two of the chemicals from the cannabis plant.

I doubt that will have better than a placebo effect.

Then, of course, if it fails, they will say "this proves cannabis has no medical value".

Classic bait and switch tactics.


Something else helped too: the occasional joint.

"You're able to get through the time with a little bit less trouble," he said. "You can never really get back to normal. It's just a little bit of relief that might make you able to stomach some food.""

Note: He is saying a joint is effective. Is their idea of medical 'cannabis' a joint? Of course not, silly! No joints for the dying, that would be rude. 'Extracts' - a pill that costs a lot of money and has no proven effect - will be allowed to him. Bad luck if it doesn't work, he should have started dying somewhere else.

"We really wanted to come up with a form of 'cannabis' that would be acceptable to patients," said Associate Professor Peter Grimison​, as he ignored the requests of his patients in favour of the lovely donations of pharmaceutical companies.

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