Friday, 12 February 2016

Woman proves IS crime profitable - so long as you can play the Damsel!

She would easily have made more than $800 from this. Who says crime doesn't pay?

"Finn was standing nearby, apparently asking the waiting media throng: "What do I have to do to get on the news?""

So the violence was premeditated.

"She had been encouraged by waiting media, Brand said, to do something. "

Oh well, how could she say no? It's not like she's an adult or anything.

"A member of the press even held her handbag while she approached the officer and delivered a shove that would be watched more than a million times."

So it wasn't a question of an impulsive act.

"She has been subject to vilification in the press... She has been threatened on social media, mostly by men your honour."

OMG! So what happened when she reported the threats to the police?

Nothing. Because she didn't. I'm betting a lot of it was "if you try to knock me down, I will knock you down". Oh heavens! Someone treating a lady as if she were a gentlemen! How dare they?

She just plays the Damsel in Distress when it suits her. And the judge rewarded that, because for her $800, she now has celebrity status. Yay?

Sarah Finn was surrounded by media as she left court.

Shortly before going off to the celebratory drinkie-poos, perhaps?

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