Friday, 11 March 2016

Do you remember when JJJ was cool?

I grew up listening to JJJ. They had some pretty good rock and a lot of us young aussie blokes could hear bands like Midnight Oil on it. It wasn't a political station, it was about the music.

Well, recently, they did a program on suicide which said it was a problem that mostly affected women.

I disputed that. They censored my remark and blocked me.

My remark was below. Can you see any reason to censor that other than it wasn't PC?

The irony is - the ABC - the organisation that runs JJJ - also prints stories saying that male suicide is far more significant.

You have to love their doublethink!

Imagine if another radio channel presented suicide as something that only affected straight, white people. You'd see that as bigoted.

So why paint suicide as a problem for women only - when the great bulk of suicides are men? Doesn't this just help starve them of support, and drive them down?

Please tell me that that isn't what you want?

Don't you have husbands, sons, fathers; can you imagine the pain of them taking their lives because they couldn't get help because of you?

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