Feminist Terrorism Master Post

  1. Feminists attack government office and police who show up
  2. Feminist fire bomb 3 adult film stores
  3. Feminists assault other feminists and loot stores 
  4. Feminists attack and molest men who are protecting a church
  5. Feminist rebels wage 20 year long war in Mexico
  6. Feminist commits string of arson attacks and tries to break out of prison
  7. LGBT Feminist assaults Swedish Politician
  8. Feminist bombs 8 buildings
  9. Feminists mutilate dog and force women to flee country
  10. Feminist attack female models 
  11. Feminists plan to blow up clothing store
  12. Feminist terrorize woman and children and send bomb threats
  13. Feminists turn Burkina Faso and into an Orwellian nightmare
  14. Feminists send bomb threats over people publishing facts 
  15. Feminists break into the Egyptian Parliament and start making demands
  16. Feminists send bomb threats to journalism conference
  17. Feminist attempts to assassinate famous artist
  18. Feminists call for the largest string of terrorist attacks in human history
  19. Feminists bomb 2 buildings to celebrate National Women’s Day
  20. Feminists vandalize restaurant for having the word male in their name
  21. Feminists assault police officers and try to take over The House of Commons
  22. Feminists murder hundreds across Iran in terrorist attacks
  23. Feminists murder 386 people and try to take over Ireland
  24. Feminists bomb places, commit arson, attempt murder, destroy historical landmarks, and attempt to assassinate The British Prime Minister
  25. Feminist who lead the group that did the things stated above hailed as hero
  26. Feminists bomb 45 buildings in Germany
  27. Feminist destroys priceless work of art, commits arson and bombs train station
  28. Feminist leader participates in massacure which leaves 116 dead
  29. Feminists vandalize collage campus fraternity building
  30. Feminists attempt to assassinate The British Prime Minister again
  31. Feminist commits arson, attacks police, destroy monument showcase for landmark, destroys cell block, attempt to blow up the home of Scotland’s National Poet and assaults another Prime Minister
  32. Feminist professor physically assaults teenage girl for being pro life 
  33. Feminist tries to blow up postbox with homemade bomb
  34. Feminists vandalize signs and sends bomb threats over advertisement
  35. Feminists attack the archbishop of Brussels
  36. Feminists attack the archbishop of Brussels again
  37. Armed Feminists attack the Irish Capital building
  38. Feminists call for another bombing of Dresden to push Islamic genocide
  39. Feminists storm wax museum to destroy statue of politician  
  40. Feminist brutally attacks man, commits arson and then becomes a martyr