Friday, 18 March 2016

Feminists fire men at their whim, whilst claiming to be helpless and "oppressed"!

A reply to Mama Mia's odious Joanna Robin


"share sexual images of themselves with other women "

Oh right - they were shared, not stolen. Good to see you establish that right off. So he had their consent. Who are you to determine his gender identity?

"Most importantly they can do so away from the male gaze"

Ok. Good thing he was gender-fluid. You realise gender is a social construct, so it was quite ok for him to be female for the duration of his membership?

"This week, two such Melbourne-based group were successfully infiltrated by a man, posing a a woman, in order to steal"

He didn't steal anything. Do you not know what the word "steal" means?

As for violating the trust of others, yes, that's an unpleasant thing to do - which feminists do all the time, by posing as MRAs and joining groups, to screenshot the intimate thoughts and pain of the men involved, then share them with other feminists for the lulz.

And you have no problem with that. Ingroup good! Outgroup bad!

"Brandon Cook wrote an open letter to Jonuzi’s employer, asking if they were aware of his attempts to disseminate women’s private pictures without their consent "

I see, your mob doxed him then. Doxing is bad when it's done to you, but good when it's done by you, I keep forgetting that rule.

Was he acting illegally? If so, why weren't the police called? Did he act on behalf of his employer, represent the company in any way?

How did the McCarthy witch-hunts go again? The Morality Police (self-appointed, of course), arranged to get people fired because of their dissent, their differences of opinion?

Your movement gets people fired if they use the word "slut" but you regard it as a badge of honour and have walks celebrating it.

Perhaps it is not to do with the word - perhaps it is more a celebration of the fact your lobby group has so much power that you can get anyone fired on a whim.

On a whim.

Tell me again how frightfully oppressed you are?

"It is certainly not the first time a man has stolen a naked photo"

Irrelevant. He asked for it, they provided.

"It’s similar to using slurs "

Hmm. So using mean words is equivalent to 'theft' in your imagination? But only when the mean words are used against you.

Feminists routinely describe men they don't like by the vilest language possible - fuckboy - a term used to describe a man broken down by repeated rape is their favourite.

And because Feminists set themselves up as the judge and jury of moral matters, they are never punished for it... "do as I say, not as I do", they cry.


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