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Why do Feminists teach children that Heterosexuality is abnormal?

This what Feminists were going to teach little kids, whilst telling their parents they were just going to help them against bullying.

Feminists wanted to teach them that heterosexuality was wrong, that capitalism was wrong, that being white... was wrong.

And they will look you right in the eyes and lie about all of these...

So don't listen to what they tell you, read what they say to each other, their real thoughts, when they are being as close to honest about their deeds as they can be.

At around 5 minutes in, Janice quotes from the Gender Studies textbook where they describe heterosexuality as being nothing more than something taught by society - something to be despised, and 'corrected'.

Feminists will look you right in the eye and lie with a perfectly straight face about holding this view, then take your kids and teach them to hate being straight, that they must sleep with others of the same sex, or they are wicked Patriarchal oppressors.

Perversely, they are the mirror image of the religious right, which tried so hard to 'correct' non-heterosexuals, using similar techniques - resulting in many suicides.

Continued from "Safe Schools" - nothing to do with bullying, despite the lies of it's marketers.

Is Heterosexuality

This posting is best read whilst listening to In My Safe Space ... which is unfortunately geoblocked on Youtube to Australians, presumably due to complaints from the Social Justice Movement (SocJus)!

And how do Feminists react if you say "heterosexuality is normal"?

It's interesting that we live in a time when expressing this opinion has become politically incorrect. Educational institutions globally are gearing up to teach that it is false on the grounds that saying heterosexuality is normal means that anyone not heterosexual will be attacked.

But what do I mean when I say it? And is it true that if you say heterosexuality is normal, then you are saying it is ok to attack anyone with sexualities outside the most common value?

Unfortunately, they protected the page so I can't simply archive it. And trying to sign up to it to see it - requires a list of my friends? That's... that's downright Orwellian.

Here are some crude screenshots.

I do like the fact that they confess that's it's their hidden curriculum. Having the villain boasting of their evil plan does make the thwarting a lot easier!

So straight off they jump into the emotional manipulation. They set up a false dichotomy: believe heterosexuality is abnormal or gay kids will be beaten up!

Of course, the survey is completely unreliable. It's psuedoscience.

There's no scepticism involved, no critical thinking.. kids will use whatever slur will work, if you are short, they will highlight that, it doesn't mean they hate short people - but Feminists work on the victim narrative, so if a kid is bullied, it must be because of that nasty heterosexuals - and not because kids are evil little bastards sometimes.

Note the use of OR: homophobic OR derogatory slur.

If this is out of a thousand students, you could have students who have heard:

  • Group A has 81 members.
  • Group B has 25 members.
  • There are 15 members in both groups A and B.

1) derogatory slurs - group A - a much larger group

2) homophobic words - group B

By using the OR, you conflate the small group with the much larger group - instead of reporting 25 out of a thousand, you now report it's 91 instead!

(please forgive my rusty mathematics and feel free to correct me)

- and readers have to tunnel down using reason rather than emotion to be able to catch them at the trick!

As you can imagine, by using OR with vastly differently sized groups, you can inflate statistics that favour your side to any size you like - at the cost of any integrity, but SocJus lost that long ago.

Going back to homophobic OR derogatory slur... I'll split that up.


Kids - including homosexual kids - use the word "gay" as an insult and don't connect it to homosexuality like adults do. Language is fluid - words like "square" by the young are routinely used in bizarre ways to differentiate them from their elders.

Consider "that girl is hot!" and "that guy is cool!" - the emotion in both cases is the same, but the generation from which the phrase comes from is different.

Language is fluid.

Derogatory slur:

Do you think anyone has managed to get through life without hearing one of these? Does hearing a derogatory slur prove someone is especially persecuted? Of course not.

Feminists call me terms like "white cunt" routinely. Should I be declared in special need of protection?

Clementine Ford
loves to use such terms to describe the men she dislikes... yet Feminists adore her. What does that tell you about their double standards?

Over 50% of homosexual college students report feeling unsafe:

Note: Feminists love to deal with feelings over facts. They feel unsafe!! Panic! Don't question whether or not they are actually unsafe!

By emotionally manipulating your sympathies, they can gloss over the fact that they haven't told you whether or not those students are actually unsafe.

They provided no statistics from objective third parties as to the crime rates of college students to back up the victim narrative. It's sleight of hand. If they can distract you emotionally, you won't notice that they never said the students are truly unsafe, but that that is the impression they have instilled!

That is how propaganda works.

From what I have seen, the violence levels against all students on campuses are actually lower than anywhere else.. it's one of the safest places you will ever experience.

Or know someone who was verbally harassed:

Again, the manipulation of statistics by including separate issues.

Were you harassed? No?

But you know a friend who was? No?

You knew a guy in the third grade who was harassed by his friends one afternoon? Great! I'll mark that down as proof that gay people are harassed at college! Woohoo, another victory for SocJus!

Heterosexuality is Normal?

The first step in understanding this phrase is to define "normal".

Here's the definition provided by Google, for example.

adjective: normal
  1. 1.
    conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

    "it's quite normal for puppies to bolt their food"

    • (of a person) free from physical or mental disorders.
  2. 2.
    (of a line, ray, or other linear feature) intersecting a given line or surface at right angles.
  3. 3.
    (of a salt solution) containing the same salt concentration as the blood.
    • Chemistrydated
      (of a solution) containing one gram-equivalent of solute per liter.
  4. 4.
    denoting a fault or faulting in which a relative downward movement occurred in the strata situated on the upper side of the fault plane.
noun: normal; plural noun: normals
  1. 1.
    the usual, average, or typical state or condition.

    "her temperature was above normal"
    • informal
      a person who is conventional or healthy.
  2. 2.
    a line at right angles to a given line or surface.

Notice that the common usage of the word is actually closer to "good". However, for the purposes of this discussion, I mean to use " standard; usual, typical, or expected".

It is normal for it to be cold in winter, hot in summer, but it is not wicked for it to be otherwise - or even that surprising.

Most people are heterosexual. Ergo, heterosexuality is normal.

Feminism has been trying to teach otherwise since the 1960s, through assorted lesbian separatist groups as well as the political leadership, and even political parties - like "Feminist Initiative" - who describe women who have sex with men as "gender traitors".

So the latest attempt by Feminists to teach children to teach kids that heterosexuality is abnormal - despite all the evidence to the contrary- has led to a strong reaction.

The material endorsed by the Safe Schools Coalition argues that gender and sexuality are fluid concepts and that all forms of sexuality are acceptable.

The belief that there are basically two sexes is condemned as "heterosexism" and students are told to celebrate diversity and difference.

One resource argues "there are many genders beyond 'male' or 'female'; gender can be fluid or limitless" and that "There are no rules about who you can be: all you need to do is be yourself".

Another resource tells teachers to "challenge gender stereotypes and heteronormativity in discussions inside or outside the classroom" and to actively support "days of action and celebration such as the annual International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT)".

Schools are told that if boys identify as girls they should be allowed to participate in girls' sports and to use girls' toilets.
From Safe Schools Coalition is more about LGBTI advocacy than making schools safer by Dr Kevin Donnelly

Heteronormative - the SocJus 'slur' against most of humanity

"I grew up in a very heteronormative, Christian community..."
"That’s a significant barrier when we live in a heteronormative world where most of us are taught to assume (and try to convince ourselves) that we’re straight until exposed to enough evidence to the contrary." From 'Rainbow Coloured Broccoli',

Now, I don't have the materials referenced before me, but I have read a lot of Social Justice postings like these

Hetero - heterosexual, normative - normal. SocJus hates the idea that heterosexuality... is normal... even if it's true! The reality is their enemy, and they seek to change it.

I am also confident Dr Kevin Donnelly isn't misquoting something run by the government because... he doesn't want to be destroyed for defamation!

Dr Kevin Donnelly is a senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University.He has a lot to lose, and the government has not said he has lied, or published material to the contrary. Therefore, until evidence to dispute his credibility comes to light, I will accept that he has represented the material fairly.

" gender and sexuality are fluid concepts " - and they'll contradict that by terms such as 'manspreading' - after all, how can they tell what gender is simply by looking at someone?

They have a concept of heteronormativity - broken down it's a negative slur, that simply being born heterosexual is wrong.

 I tried to engage a member of SocJus, which is what Third Wave Feminism has become, and get them to understand why this was incorrect. It's interesting how quickly they moved to personal attacks in response, even using words that Clementine Ford et al claim destroy women's lives.

Words that Clem Ford used as evidence that a man should be destroyed.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Afterwards, she sent me a few tips on how to give a blow job, accused me of defending alcoholics, and blocked me1. Hmmm. Well, at least she's consistently irrational. Alas, I didn't finish the screenshotting beforehand, and I was hoping to copy/paste the transcript of it all.

Never mind! I'm sure the next rabid hypocrite won't be hard to find.

I'm going to pretend briefly that I'm SocJus. How do I see the world? Through the ideological lens.

But it's more than just that - it's doublethink.

Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. (source)

doublespeak - It is important to note that this term does not appear anywhere within Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. I mention it here only due to its similarity to other Newspeak terms such as doublethink, duckspeak, Newspeak, and Oldspeak.

And even though it appears that the term was not actually created by Orwell himself, it does carry a very Orwellian meaning of "Deliberately ambiguous or evasive language; any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not."

doublethink - Reality Control. The power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.

An excellent example of doublethink in modern society is the war on drugs. If you ask people their opinion on alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, most people would agree that it was a complete failure. People agree that it only caused more crime, it made gangsters rich, it corrupted politicians, and most importantly ... it didn't keep people from drinking.

Yet, we have almost the exact same situation today with war on drugs, yet most people think that our modern prohibition is a good idea ... and more than that, they believe that anybody that thinks that the war on drugs isn't a good idea must be completely out of their minds. In order for a person to be effective at doublethink, they must master the art of crimestop.

This word has made its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

dou•ble•think ('d&-b&l-"thi[ng]k), noun, Date: 1949 : a simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas.

Here is how Winston Smith described doublethink in the novel:

"To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself.

That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.

Even to understand the word 'doublethink' involved the use of doublethink.'


SocJus knows what the word "normal" means - they know it's not a synonym for good, and that heterosexuality is normal, so whenever I try and get a SocJus to admit that, they know they have to change the topic immediately.

By any means necessary.

SocJus will deflect, deflect, deflect... that might be through personal attacks - especially if they can get you to use the language at them that they will use on you

- remember, my Facebook account was locked for using the word "goblin" on the grounds I had violated her Safe Space , whereas the Feminist who called me a "white cunt" was excused on the grounds that that slur didn't violate the Community standards

- also note: Feminists can now get men fired, as Clem Ford illustrated, for using terms they use themselves freely.

Document all dealings where possible. These are not honest people, by and large, and you should assume malice rather than ignorance.

1Hmm, found out hours later maybe she didn't block me and it was just Twitter playing up - or maybe she deleted a tweet breaking the thread because damned if I can find it all?! I think I captured the majority.

See Also:

From, this is a good example of how Gender Studies students learn to doublethink. They apply a selective filter to view everything according to SocJus - to view masculinity as toxic etc.

But they must also hold in mind that none of this is true, or they would be compelled to flee, and set up their own State - or take up arms and kill their 'oppressors' - which they never do, at least not personally.... except for Valerie Solanas, of course.

PIV is always rape - Feminists argue that men should automatically be imprisoned if they have sex with women.

‘Use lots of lube & enter anus slowly’: Chicago schools teach anal sex to 5th graders

5th graders are between 10 and 12 years of age. The irony is that the rise in anal sex in porn is used as evidence by other Feminists of how oppressed women are as they argue no woman could enjoy such things.(also see Sargon's vid)

I'm not sure how the children are even supposed to use these lessons, since it's not like condoms even fit male children - let alone the female condoms! It's also quite possible to transmit herpes despite a condom, and since you can be born with herpes (nature is a bitch), this is just giving little children false confidence in their safety.

It's very interesting that a group of Feminists will say one thing one week, then the opposite the next, and the media will report both as representative of Feminism without ever commenting on the contradiction.

"We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at War with Eurasia"

Feminists Against Heterosexuality:

"But while Professor Heldman pretends she is merely criticizing media, what she is actually criticizing is heterosexuality, both in terms of mens’s desires (their admiration of beauty) and women’s response to male desire."

The Feminist hatred of male sexuality, and of heterosexual interactionb, has extended to the laws of University campuses, so that any woman can report even so much a look from a man she finds attractive - and he can be expelled. He has no defense. It's just her word. And the panel who will judge him will all be followers of Dworkin.

It's a wonder that there are any male university graduates left.

Of course, should men seek to escape to male only universities, that will then be crushed as sexist misogyny raaaaaaape!

Good video on feminist anti-rational practices and their anti-heterosexual mindset.

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