Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Laci Green says boys are literal trash?

ok but this is literally what “boys will be boys” means

ok but this is literally what “boys will be boys” means

“boys will be boys” means “boys will be trash”? You think boys are trash?

You think this boy is trash?

Fuck you, you horrible piece of shit. God, I hope you never have kids, but if you have boys, I hope they die young before you can twist them into self-hating murder-suicides.
Boys are boys - why would you ever think they have to be something else?


  • Up to two-thirds of both men and women in substance abuse treatment report childhood abuse or neglect.(SAMHSA, CSAT 2000)
  • Teenagers with alcohol problems are 21 times more likely to have been sexually abused than those without such problems. (Clark, 1997)
  • 23% to 42% of adolescent and teenage boys in a Maine inpatient substance-abuse treatment program reported histories of childhood-sexual abuse. (Rohsenow, 1988)
  • Most self-injurers have childhood histories of physical or sexual abuse. 40% of persons who self-injure are men. (Graff, 1967; Pattison, 1983; Briere, 1988)
  • ·Numerous-studies have documented that most violent criminals were physically or sexually abused as children. (Groth, 1979; Seghorn et al, 1987)
  •  Most men who abuse children were abused themselves in childhood. (Fergusson & Mullen, 1999)
  • Children from violent homes are 24 times more likely to commit sexual assault than their counterparts from non-violent homes. (Dinzinger, 1996)
  • Of 14 juveniles condemned to death for murder in the US in 1987, 12 had been brutally physically abused and five had been sodomized by relatives as children. (Lewis et al, 1998)
  • A study of convicted killers reports 83.8% suffered severe physical and emotional abuse and 32.2% were sexually violated as children. (Blake, 1995)




Loud. Messy. Lively.

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