Saturday, 5 March 2016

My review of the Ghostbusters Trailer - as posted on the Youtube site

I know they are censoring any remarks that criticise the movie - and if I can, I'd like for this to be one of them.

This movie sucks! It relies on gimmicks, not humour - and the original GB was funny on many levels. This one shows you the nostalgic things you loved - the hearse, the librarian, Slimer, getting slimed, even down to the composition of the group - lazy as f**k - but it gender flips it because men are bad and women are strong and empowered and don' need no man.

Although it's funny to see her licking her gun - a move that is roundly condemned as misogyny in other movies. #Doublethink doubleplusgood!

And this could have been a funny movie. These could have been the original casts daughters or even granddaughters, nieces, whatever - just had some passing of the torch instead of wholesale recycling.

And the original was also genuinely scary. Exorcising a ghost like it's a stuck bit of meat down the windpipe is... not scary. It makes it clear the stakes are very low in this one. The original could well have been R rated.

This one is for the kiddies. *Only* the kiddies. Buy that merchandise, young humans, buy buy buy!

But who really buys the merch for nostalgic movies? The people with jobs. Who aren't your demographic. Ooops! Didn't think this through, did ya?!!

Gonna reprint this on my blog so when it gets deleted I can giggle at your attempt at spin.

Sony... you suck! Do better.

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