Monday, 21 March 2016

Feminists In Sweden Wear Hijab to Support Islamism

The Hijab wasn't mandatory for Muslim women until recently, when Islamism crushed the moderates through terrorism.

In the 1970s, Feminism, and Muslim women, fought bitterly against the Hijab, which was not seen as a part of mainstream Islam but rather the uniform of a particularly repressive strain of Islamism.

All it takes is a group of fanatics to gain control,
and women will fall in line and don the hijab.

And a generation will be born that can't imagine any other way,
and will want to use force to make others conform.

Back then it was Islamists.

Today it is Feminists.

Today, what does Feminism fight for?

I am not kidding. This is not a joke, or a parody. They want Feminist women to don the Hijab.

This was supposed to be a joke song. Instead, it's a fucking documentary.

Meanwhile, in Iran, Muslim women face beatings or worse for simply doing  this:

Iranian actress Sadaf Taherian has published images of herself without hijab on her Instagram page in protest

She had to flee the country.

Islamists stone women to death for not wearing the hijab.

Who is really fighting for Women's Rights?

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Nazimuddin Samad
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is what is killing these people.
 from 7 Apr 2016 11:17:36 UTC

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Meanwhile, in the UK, Islamists and Feminists ban the depiction of women in bikinis:

A follow-up, on the series of Muslim attacks on France, and the government cover-up of it.

More from Rita Panahi:

Sara's Story

Around that age, I was forced to wear the hijab. I vividly remember hating it so much because it meant I can no longer play outside.

I was beaten & slammed into the house steel door by my brother at the age of 13 in an attempt to force me wear the niqab. It was successful.

So please spare me the whole "hijab is a choice" crap! Because IT NEVER IS! Especially for women in the Middle East.

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