Sunday, 10 April 2016

A reaction to Why People HATE Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear by boogie2988

"If it is written well" is the key here.

I've played lots of games with gay and bisexual characters, and I routinely play a lesbian character in Fallout 4.
Do what you want to do, be what you want to be. I care not.

But oh! This is just painful.

The trans character introduces themselves as a Speshul Snowflake right from the bat with the bit about their name which is completely jarring and pretentious and honestly reminds me of "My Immortal".

It doesn't make sense to be trans in that world anyway since the definition is that you experience gender dysphoria - and since that world has heaps of sex-swapping magic, it's a non-issue.

The game universe is full of these things. Completely safe, no injections, no surgery, completely reversible.
People would be doing it on their weekends.

It's like playing a character in a world where everyone can regrow limbs, but you lost a leg one day and so limp everywhere afterwards crying for special treatment. Stop whining and grow that bloody leg!

Deadpool gets where I'm coming from.

It would actually have been interesting if all they had said was that they wanted to change sex and would pay for a magic item to accomplish it. Players will automatically go for that - but it wasn't the sex swap that was important but the preaching from a pedestal that the author wanted to do instead.

And Minsc throwing dung at computer gamers?

Minsc is famous for being a noble, kind, somewhat thick-headed warrior.
All of that character was sacrificed for the sake of SocJus.


Is that how you sell games, Beamdog?

How do the investors feel about losing dividends because the game decided to go off onto political rants rather than being fun?

Imagine if Beamdog had decided to spend their investment on supporting Clinton or Trump.

Imagine if the characters were saying slogans and slagging the people who voted differently.

Would that be well received? Of course not.
Ok, it would be - if it was done like this.

Yet here they decide to turn this beloved computer game franchise into a propaganda outlet.

Stuff that!

Feminists hate fun.

That's not hyperbole,  it's an accurate statement of their beliefs, and is often repeated by them.

Religions sometimes ban fun. The ones that do are usually authoritarian or even violent. What does it say about Feminism that it has the same urges?

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