Thursday, 21 April 2016

Australian Politicians and the ABC agree - all men and boys are evil, all women, bloody saints!

Where to begin....

Are they focussing on domestic violence or violence against white women by white men? Because most DV is reciprocal, women initiate more than men, DV is higher in the lesbian community...

But you know all this, oh ABC, and the facts don't matter to you, because anti-male propaganda is the ABC's style now.

'Dismissive' phrases such as "boys will be boys"? That's a statement of fact. Only a Feminist would see that as something to be condemned.

"he did it because he likes you"

Yup. And girls do that too. Which you would know if you cared about the truth, even a smidgin. Young people often have no way of negotiating a relationship or dealing with rejection - and that applies to both sexes, and to gay and lesbians as well.

"women are often blamed for attacks against them".

Yes. By criminologists. Who are treating them as if they were as responsible for their actions as men are. If you hit someone, and they hit you back, you are responsible for the result.


"men are excused"

Absolutely bloody garbage, and if the ABC wasn't full of screaming man-haters, they'd point that out - with a few seconds of research, you can show attacks by men on women are treated with incredible seriousness - but the reverse? Is just laughed at.

"Domestic violence survivor Ann O'Neill has backed the new campaign, saying it will be a crucial tool in preventing violence against women."

How will demonising men stop violence against women? Considering lesbian DV is higher? Pushing men out of relationships with women might serve Feminism - but it certainly won't decrease the violence women experience.

"Each week in Australia, one woman is killed at the hands of her current or former partner."

No source is ever given, and no mention of how many men are killed in the same way, or that lesbians kill their partners too, or that kids are mostly killed by their mothers.

All that is always swept under the rug by the ABC.

" the Coalition has faced heavy criticism for cutting funding to the very services that domestic violence victims need to access, including homeless shelters and community lawyers."

None of which exist for men. Our homeless shelter is the prison, our domestic violence shelter is the grave.

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