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Demanding Objectivity is Oppresion

Did you know that "Demanding ‘Objectivity’ in Social Justice Debates Can Be Oppressive"?

Before going any further, read "The Importance of Skepticism: Who Are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Own Eyes?"
The good old days, before objectivity ruined everything
Why do Feminists claim that Objectivity is their enemy?

30 Mar 2016 15:53:04 UTC

So this is why Feminism hates Science!

"Having your perspective dismissed because it isn’t “objective” enough is an incredibly frustrating – and unfortunately common – experience."

I imagine it would be commons for SocJus, yes. Maybe it means... you're not actually very objective?

Just a wild guess.

"glorifying objectivity in social justice debates can be really harmful "

Glorifying it. Regarding objectivity as a worthwhile goal is... glorifying it.

"positivism – a school of thought that values objectivity and provable arguments – benefits white men the most"
Mound 72 burial contained the ritual sacrifice by strangulation of 53 young women at Cahokia, a large Mississippian culture mound center located in present day Madison County, Illinois. Source
The alternative - mystical thinking - doesn't seem to be doing albino africans a lot of good.
"it argues against the idea that objectivity – which involves an emotional detachment from knowledge – is important in all academic fields"
Try to think of a field where objectivity doesn't matter. Take education. Say you hear that white males are the most privileged and so don't need scholarships etc.

There are no academic fields where reason is not everything. If you are just relying on your feelz and not facts, then you have no claim to credibility as an academic. You are just another yobbo with an opinion...

Now I want you to remember that this is how Social Justice views the world. Objectivity - trying to see the truth that lies beyond our limited and, too often, self-deluded experiences - that is what changed the world.

That is what took us out of the darkness and brought us space travel, antibiotics, 3D printing, and medicines to combat AIDS.

Not hugboxes and SafeSpace and banning words because they might hurt someone.

"Those Who Seem ‘Objective’ Are Actually Just Privileged"

Feminists love to dismiss anything they can't argue with that way. They can't do a mathematical sum? A chemical reaction is beyond them? Clearly the examiner is just showing how privileged they are! That's racist! And misogyny! Raaaape!

"Being able to remain unaffected during discussions about racism is a result of my white privilege. "

People forget the discrimination which the Irish, along with other immigrants,
suffered even in recent times in Britain and America.
It was not uncommon to see signs in boarding houses after the Second World War in England saying
“No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs.” (Source.)
A result of "white privilege?" Or just not being a hysterical idiot... because people who are not brainwashed by the Feminist Idiot Ideology can see that white people have suffered a metric fuck-ton of racism.

Feminists are Holocaust deniers
An Armenian woman kneeling beside a dead child in field "within sight of help and safety at Aleppo", an Ottoman city. (Source)

"When it comes to conversations about social justice and oppression, objectivity is a myth."

Note the use of "and" to bridge two disconnected concepts.

Social Justice Theory is a tenet of faith for modern Feminism.

Oppression is a fact, but who is oppressed may be in dispute.

We can check to see if people are oppressed in an objective fashion.

Social Justice is a self-righteous, authoritarian quasi-religious movement which constantly claims to be oppressed without producing proof of that claim.. it demonstrates, instead,  power over it's so-called oppressors, having people fired on a whim for example.

So we can't talk about oppression because objectivity is a myth? Ok, prove it.

Oh, but that's positivism - you want us to just Listen and Believe.

The exact same cry that was used to justify burning and hanging people for witchcraft.

What's that, lad? Asking questions? Harrumph!

Why, only a witch would ask if there really were witches!

Burn himmm!

"showing emotion invalidates your argument"

You can show emotion all you like - it's when your argument has no fucking substance to it that there's a problem, and if you are so heated up you can't cope with criticism of it, then there's little hope what you are saying will ever be the truth.

Facts versus Feelz. Which is more important?

 "Sometimes Emotions Are Just as Important as Facts" ... to crazy people.

To the rest of us, facts piss all over our feelz. Facts will not step out of our way just because they make us sad inside. The sun will burn, the snow freeze, the ocean drown, the noose throttle.

Knowing facts means you stay alive


Using feelz means you die.

 You who worship at the idol of unreason are standing besides the most terrible forces in human history.

Jim Jones, leader of the People's Temple Cult, massacred 912 people, in a mass suicide in the jungle of Guyana spared only these two Macaws in Jonestown. The tragic 20th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre is November 17, 1998. (source)

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